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I’ve had this song on repeat to get me through the day (thanks Saaghi joooon for the best music):

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Despite living across the country from my family, I’m actually pretty lucky. I’m not as disconnected as I thought I would be. I talk to my parents regularly (without a choice really) and as I’ve gotten older – our conversations have transformed.

Now – instead of sole lectures – my dad likes to debate too and apparently, I’ve become someone worthy of his intellect.

dafdMy dad and I have great debates because we think so differently. I listen to his advice now, but for most of my life – I’ve done what I want. And therefore, we have a different belief system.

I’ve always had to go the extra mile to convince my dad to see my point or back my decisions. Our most frequent debates surround my life decisions or my opinions regarding Islam and Iran.

My dad rarely talks about Iran, if ever. His childhood stories come in random spurts, and when they do – it’s like a glimpse into this side of him that my family and I barely recognize.

Don’t even get me started on his reaction when we discuss Islam. He just gets a scowl on his face and says, “This is a ridiculous conversation topic, Islam is ridiculous – I don’t vant to talk about it.” 

I’m the opposite – I obsess about Iran. I stare at pictures all day, I talk about going back all the time – much to my dad’s dismay. And when it comes to Islam – I emphasize my opinion that people have the right to choose their beliefs.

For a long time, I thought my dad’s “disdain” toward Iran was because I had chosen to focus on it so much in both my identity and in my professional goals. I thought his aversion to all things Iran really had a double meaning – and that secretly, he just didn’t support my desire to pursue any field affiliated with Iran because I would never become a doctor, lawyer or engineer.

I thought my dad was being negative and unsupportive – but it didn’t take me long to realize that he thought he was protecting me. [Read more...]

Texts from Daddy Joon


SO while I’m usually this tree of grandmother-ly wisdom (ha) and hardcore feminism (out of bras to burn). Today, I’m going to be that awkward Persian Girl with an embarrassing Persian Father.

A lot of my friends love my dad. They think he’s hilarious, and it looks like, from some of the comments, some of you joonies think he’s kinda funny too.

Well, it’s all fun and games til it happens to you.

1. Texts From Daddy Joon: [Read more...]

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