ATTN RUDI: You Need A Bollywood Romance

So time out of the sex talk for a sec (real quick i swear!)

as I spent a few days doing work aka blogging/shopping/netflixing in a clearly more “multicultural” setting, i was AMAAZED at how i had been missing out on a key fact of life: good looking indian guys.

um hello.

 this comes off super ignorant i know, but im going to use indian to refer to alll pakistani/indian/nepalese/bangladesh/…blablabla u get the idea!

anyways, i thought about it some more…persian guys have already discovered the good looking indian girl.

Exhibit A:

THE MAVERICK SALMAN RUSHDIE & the loveeely padma lakshmi

Why is it that we don’t see this (look below)though?

rudi bakhtiari (our favorite tv anchor) & bollywood superstar shahrukh

i think its a fair question, no? i mean look at rudi in that photo– she’s BOLLYWOOD READY!

After thinking this through, I think you’ll come to the same conclusion: you get the best bang for your buck out of indian guys—theyre dark, handsome, believe in romance, and will bake naan to eat with that fessenjoon. what more could you possibly want?

but in all seriousness, as girls, why do we limit ourselves so much to who we date? i mean the pool of persian MEN (that term being used loosely) that are NOT douche bags is VERY VERY VERY SMALL –less than 100 probably in the whole of north america!

Are we condemning ourselves to bad relationships because we want to date…peeeerrsian? well, breaking news: there are other versions, and im signing myself up.

AND if you have insider knowledge on how good of a package indian guys are/have please please share:

BRB with The Sex Talk,

Saaghi ساقی

btw–i totally did NOT forget the black guy complex we girls have, i just need to do some further analysis on that one ;)

image source (mediabistro . womeniran . ooho)


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  1. I had an indian rendezvous once. ok twice. best phase of my life. do it. trust me.

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