I’m Psycho and I Like It

We’ve all heard the stereotype: Persian girls are PSYCHO- jealous, clingy… blah blah blah… blah blah. Whenever a guy asks me “what” I am and I answer: “Iranian,” the typical response is either (a) “Ohhh I hear Persian girls are FREAKS,” or (b) “Ohhh, you must be the CRAZY POSSESSIVE jealous type.” Ummm nice meeting you too… (NOT).


And honestly, I really don’t know how we got this reputation… I can’t speak for ALL Persian girls (I know there are definitely some crazies out there, although, I could say this about ANYONE), but personally, I think I’m pretty damn chill “for a Persian girl.” HOWEVER, there are some things I will admit to:

1. YES, I will slap a bitch if my man is grinding up on her, flirting shamelessly, or if she is trying to get at my man (Dear Boyfriend: you would get slapped too).

2. Obviously, I would NOT be okay with you gchatting or texting constantly with the hot blonde across the room. No I don’t have a blonde complex, it is just NEVER okay no matter “how close of friends” you guys are.

3. Look I’m all about you having your guy’s night out and giving you alone time, God knows I need it too– but don’t ignore me, don’t bail on me last minute- be CONSIDERATE, not douchey. K? Thanks. And in return, I promise not to bombard your phone with calls/texts on a regular basis. Pretty good trade-off if you ask me…

And boys, before you call me psycho for having these preferences, consider this:

What if your woman did any of the things I just mentioned- texted another guy, constantly flirted, hit up the clubs with her ladies etc.?

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t react as well as you claim. In fact, my reason for posting on this particular topic is to emphasize how crazy Persian boys are. Yeah that’s right… you guys have us BEAT by a looooong shot and I have two specific stories to prove it (I could name more than 2 instances, but for the sake of length I’m keeping it short):

Exhibit A:

My high school boyfriend was Iranian. Yes, there were a total of maybe four Iranian guys on our campus and I happened to date all of them (jk… kinda). Anyway, we dated for the majority of our high school careers and it was really great… minus the first five minutes of each time we hung out. Why? Because the second we would meet up, before we even greeted each other, he would say, “Ok hand over your phone,” and would proceed to look through all my text messages and outgoing/incoming calls. EVERY SINGLE TIME. And NO, I have never cheated on anyone… or given them reason not to trust me. Actually, I consider myself pretty damn loyal, but I guess that just isn’t enough for these damn, “psycho” Persian guys.

Exhibit B

Fast forward two years: Once again I’m dating another Irooni boy (obviously I haven’t learned my lesson). One night, he decides its time for me to meet his friends for the first time. We all go out to eat and I’m trying to act like I’m the nicest, sweetest Persian girl they have ever met (lies I know). So of course, that means a lot of smiling, laughing, pretending they are actually funny (when they really aren’t)… you catch my drift. At the end of the night, my boyfriend at the time drops me off at my house and before I get out of the car he says, “Why were you smiling so much? Did you like xxx (<– insert random friend’s name here). Do you want to date him instead?” WHAT?!!?!

Yup. Psycho to the extreme. So for all you Persian boys out there giving US a bad rep… take a look in the freaking mirror. You are by far, some of the craziest I have ever met. Get over yourselves, for real. Anyway, to my fellow non-psycho Persian joonies, steer clear of the Persian boy crazies… in the meantime, share your “Psycho Persian Boy or Girl” stories with us at 

Love always,

Farrah فراه


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  1. Yes! I dated a persian boy once. At the time we were both 17 and he brought me to a family party. I thought his little cousin (who was 13 and in middle school) was HILARIOUS so I was joking around and laughing with him but only for a short period of time. My boyfriend accused me of flirting with his cousin. HIS LITTLE COUSIN! wth! I am not some crazy cougar! What 17 year old girl would even think about a middle school boy?!?

  2. Hahaha! Sounds familiar and unfortunately, it doesn’t get any better the older they get ;)


    S&F Team


  1. […] happen often.  And I make it a point to not fuck the guy (not verbally- I’m not that psycho) no matter how bad I want to jump him: I want […]

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