Black Guys Have Feelings Too

Hiiii joonies,

Before this relationship gets too deep, I think its fair we establish some common ground here– esp. when it comes to black guys.


1- Persian/Irooni (whatever you wanna be called) girls have a BLACK GUY COMPLEX. If you see some girls walking around, using the term ‘siyah‘ (Persian term for African Americans), its often followed by ‘hot’ and ‘do me’ in the same sentence.

Fancy as we can get, we love a just-as-fancy thug? OKOKOK thug may be pushing it (NOT for some of us), but we like a little hood– a little drake & weezy–with a dash of kid cudi.

I really don’t know what it is, but these siyahs are like those snacks you sneak in when you’re on a “diet.”  You pretend it never happened, you don’t want anyone to know about it, but its SO GOOOODDDDD!

personally, i think British black guys take the cake:

idris elba

Or maybe MJ (in his early days):

a guy good at what he does

2. No Irooni family outright approve of a siyah-Persian relationship. Farrah joon has elaborated on this very well (see: I’M IN LOVE WITH A STRIPPAAA) Even some of us younger people shoot judgmental looks at Persians who openly date out of the Iranian cesspool.

3. Black guys are big. Usually. SORRYBOUTIT BOYS, don’t give me that BS that Persian guys are JUST AS BIG—because even if you are, you have back hair.

PERSIAN BOYS: (take notes) just like you date/screw blondes and Asians and Latinas left and right (yea, we know about it so admit it); we’re entitled to our fun. If you want to talk shit on our BLACK GUY COMPLEX, you’re  just jealous, backwards, and small

4. If you’re a virgin when it comes to dating black guys, the first time is…scary, a thrill, funny, weird, enough…i could go on, but you get it.

5. Unfortunately joons, the black boys don’t understand the PERSIAN GIRL PUZZLE. Why can’t they meet your parents? Why can’t they take you out to a Persian restaurant (Clearly don’t know how quick the Persian RUMOR MILL WORKS)? Why can’t they come to a mehmooni (family party)?

My first black boyfriend could not understand ANY of this (To be fair, he was also very arrogant and didn’t understand why I wouldn’t want to brag about him to the WORLD)

But without a doubt, this sneaking/secret adventure behavior gave my black guy a complex too. He was now obsessed with measuring up to Middle Easterners (yeah he was going for the whole region–competitive, I know). He was constantly asking if this or that was as good as the Arab or Persian guys I’d dated.

And honestly, it was sad. I never really got the feeling when I was around him that I wasn’t good enough for him because I wasn’t a Beyonce or a Rihanna. But I guess, that’s the nature of the investment. Because I knew it was a dead end, I didn’t care enough to compare myself or get insecure. However for him, the investment was real, it wasn’t bullshit—so he did get insecure.

So, all in all, is this fair? I mean, are we essentially using these guys for a walk on the wild side until we feel like reforming our ways and settling down with the Persian douchebag prince?

For now, what I seem to have learned is, a good disclaimer the first week you’re dating. It goes something like: “At this time, I really don’t want to get serious with anyone…blablabla”

Any other suggestions? stories? HOT BLACK GUY PICTURES? please share:

Love Ya Like a Fat Kid Love Cake,

Saaghi ساقی


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  1. I must be the only Persian girl without the “Black” complex because I have never really had a crush on a black guy…but I totally get what you mean. Persians have this thing of looking down on EVERYONE. For example, they don’t like Arabs/Pakistanis/Indians either (that would be my complex). Persians need to stop this ethnocentrism; you only live once, be with the one you truly love and loves you back.

  2. This is the most shallow article I’ve ever read. If you have sex with people and race or “size” is the number 1 reason you do it, that says a lot about your character. If you really think persian guys bang latinas and other races mainly because of their race you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    Thats why youre finding persian douchebags and having a hard time finding a prince. They’re running away from shallow people like you.

  3. Consider how it would sound if this entry was written by anyone about Iranian women, and you may start to recognize how problematic it is. It’s not provocative or thought-provoking, just plain shameful. What’s your address? Maybe I can send you a copy of Said’s Orientalism to get you started on your education.

  4. This is incredibly racist and extremely inappropriate. Our people are constantly discriminated against and labeled as “backward”, “uncivilized”, etc. I’d expect that coming from such a background would lend one more sensitivity to issues of race and ethnicity and make one refrain from these gross categorizations. Such a shame, I was just beginning to enjoy the posts here.

  5. be to che says:

    this is possibly the stupidest article i have ever reed…. and also the extremely shallow with a huge theme of WRONG!

  6. Joey Joon says:

    so is there away that Persian dudes can know which Persian girls have this “Afrincanus Complex” so she can be avoideded ? I mean if my Latvian girlfriend told me she had this “Africanus Complex” I think I would take her up to 125th and drop her off in the heart of Harlem. Lolololol Just Skits And Giggles, No hard feelings. Seriously though, how can one spot this type of Persian female???

  7. I feel putting “tug” just because we are talking about black people is very racist.

  8. I sometimes wish S&F was an exclusive Persians-only club so outsiders wouldn’t see some of these truly shameful articles. I say outsiders because we, Persians, use the work “khareji” (lit. foreigners / peoples of abroad) to describe all non-Persians. I’m all for freedom of speech, but this is the kind of material that harms “race-relations”.

    For anyone reading this and wondering if we’re all inherently racist, have superiority complexes, or African/-American guy / Latina/Asian/Occidental Girl complexes, the answer is no, we don’t. Some of us, like people of all backgrounds, just don’t have a filter and never learned to think twice and speak once.

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