Has the Recession Copped Your Mating Rituals?

Here, at S&F, we’re all about variety ;), Life’s just better that way.
This is why we have guest bloggers that will bring you entertainment & education (Errr…), and we also get kinda sick of it being all about US. So here’s our first guest blog of the month:

Louboutins, jumbo Chanel bags, high priced taste… Are guys really into the high maintenance Persian girls….. Or are they looking for the girl that won’t make them pull a second mortgage 5 years into the marriage? These days I think men see a woman’s lavish taste as a turn off. Personally, if I had a dick I would have major anxiety/ STRESS trying to figure out how I can maintain a lifestyle for my Persian princess just like her daddy and mommy have.

FINANCIAL CRISIS: You shouldn’t scare a guy away with the ZEROES on the price tags in your closet.

For one thing, some girls think guys love the red soled shoes and $5,000.00 designer bags that they tote around cafes, parties, and of course places of religious worship (i hope the irony of this is not lost on all you)

you would never wear sign on your forehead that says “I REALLY WANT TO GET ENGAGED WITHIN THE YEAR” and in a recession, GUCCI GUCCI LOUIS LOUIS FENDI FENDI PRADA (basic bitches…) is that sign which says “You can never afford me, so fuck off! ”


We tend to forget that guys **sometimes** and I emphasize the word sometimes, think with their brain, and when they make calculations of what your diva lifestyle actually cost, they realize your more of a liability then an asset. NOT GOOD.

Now I am not saying to dump all the lovely designer goods, but TONE IT DOWN SUGAR! You dnt need to deck out it designer everything, including your Hermes belt. We get it, you like expensive things, BUT you shouldn’t have your 26 year old boyfriend going bald (if he’s got the bad genes, he probably already is so don’t speed up the process) because hes freaking out over your next birthday gift. It would probably be a bigger turn ON if he knew you worked your ass off to buy it yourself, and your dad Faramarz wasn’t financing your SHOPPING EXCAPADES.

“But my mom makes me do this stuff:” (yes I’m so sure)

I know I know, your mom wants you to look like a 10 in front of future/potential mother-in-laws–the khastegars (suitors) But lets be real, I’m sure those future mother-in-laws are thinking about their son’s wallets too, and I’m sure as hell they don’t want you drying up his trust fund money.

Don’t send mixed messages. We shouldn’t give these guys any more excuses as to “why they don’t date Persian girls.” Just play it safe, spice it up with a little zara and H&M, I’m sure you’ll be just as dazzling!–and let’s be real, it’s all about what’s underneath ;).

With Love,
sIIR سیر


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