We’re Not ALL About Man-Hate

You know, most times that Middle Eastern girls start a blog it seems to come down to just complaining and bitching. NO. We refuse to be just that. S&F is not about crying over your exes and your daddy/mommy issues.

Sometimes its about respecting a great rack (Esp. when its natural),

and cheetah print.

Just to prove it’s not all bitterness and misandry here at s&F- our Lady Rosie:

despite the fact she’s that white girl we love to hate, girl is hoTTT

LADIES, we hope this convinces you to wear animal print at SOME point over the long weekend. Nothing says “I’m fucking sexy and I own it” like leopard print ;) …oh and maybe financial independence.

And if you take our advice, be sure to tell us the results:


oh and boys–if you somehow rock the leopard/cheetah/zebra PLEASE send us a picture. (we know some metros really push the limits)

Here’s a Toast to a Great THURSDAY!


The S&F Team

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  1. ladies, come f*** this cheetah

  2. addultalah says:

    Megan Fox was hotter.

  3. I’ve seen her twice up close and she’s beautiful!!! my height which is 5 foot 7 so not that tall and i gotta tell you i took a picture with her and her chest is FLAT. i dont know if this push up bra does magic or its all photoshop but yeah.. and she was super nice and stuff

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