Sorry Guys, Bragging Rights LOST

HII. We took the long weekend very seriously, which meant we were MIA, which means we were out having a life (somewhat) and not posting— how do you think we get material for this blog?

Anyways, we’re back. and we have bad news.

Remember all those times you tried to convince your white friends you were not BROWN? or ARAB?

I believe, it went something like

“Oh, you’re I-RANian? Is that like Indian? Or Iraqi or some sh!T?”

“No, ACTUALLY, Iranians are ARYAN–you know, like WHITE people?”

This used to be the way you disarmed suspicious, white people.

(P.S. if you didn’t do this, there are two reasons- 1 you were lucky enough to grow up where I-RANians were a majority, or 2 you grew up where Brown people/Arabs were a majority)

According to BBC Persian, there’s been some research done by scientists (specifically Dr. Maziar Ashrafian) at Cambridge & University of Portsmouth that most Iranians are NOT Aryan, but can trace their race back to Ancient ELAM

so basically, we’re Elamites.

I assure you, the ancient geography lesson was NECESSARY for some people.

Your favorite Elamites,

The S&F team

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