Guys I’d Date, My Dad Would Hate.

Last week we gave the men a treat. Tonight is for the ladies.

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

Guys that our dad would kick out of the house if we brought them over for some fessenjoon.

Hi Dad, This is Colin- He played Alexander in the movie Alexander–you know the guy who burned down Persepolis? Oh, and he’s also an ex drug&sex addict, with a few baby mamas. OOPS.

And then there’s also:

Hi Dad, This is Gerard. You know the guy from 300? Oh RIGHT, you never watched that movie because it made Persians look like PIERCED-OUT TRANNIES.

Look at those eyes…

 Did we leave any actors–that have been PERSIAN HATING films–out?

I don’t think so.

make our day :



The S&F team

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