The Problem With Pretty Girls

Joonjoons :)

Time for some daily wisdom.

But FIRST, a story (bc we all love those):

Growing up, I had a friend who was very pretty– she NEVER went through that ‘ugly duckling phase’ aka her nose and face didnt swell, acne never hit, and baby fat was nonexistent. I mean this girl was pretty at 8 years old AND at 11 AND at 17.

So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?

Great genes. (efffff them)

Now, let me tell you why there is a tragedy in this story- Later, my friend and I ended up moving to two different countries, and a few years after our high school graduation we got together to catch up and she was an absolute mess. She was in her 20s and falling into a deep depression. My friend hadn’t gone on to do anything with her life- she never found fulfillment in a career, a family, or a passion.

I was shocked. I didn’t understand. I always assumed she was better off because,..well, she LOOKED better. It didn’t add up.


Now here’s the wisdom: PRETTY can promote certain dangerous qualities (as can family money or a big dick). You see, my friend grew up pretty, and she EXPECTED people to treat her like a pretty girl. ENTITLEMENTVANITY.  These are all qualities that you want to stay VERY FAR AWAY from, yet our society almost pushes it upon us.

By no means am I saying that all pretty people are doomed, but sometimes lucky genes can be more of an obstacle than anything else.

Let me further ILLUSTRATE:

– Relying on your good looks prevents you from spending time on developing DEPTH.  Being DEEP helps you deal with the curveballs life throws you. Dealing with the loss of a job? Death? Disease? Your beauty won’t help you there. Don’t let something bad happen for you to start developing coping mechanisms. (TRUST MEEEE)

-IF you focus so much on the outside, the inside gets FUCKED UP. NEGLECTED: it’s your sense of humor that needs a lift, not your boobs.

Beauty FADES. and its like a BAD EX, it leaves you with SCARS (in the form of sun spots, wrinkles, and saggy skin). When its gone, you should be able to look at yourself in the mirror and still love yourself, and if not love- you should be able to accept yourself.

– Feeling pretty often means feeling others are UGLY. Now, I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t call some bitches BUSTED, UGLY, or UNFORTUNATE LOOKING– but at the end of the day, if you feel like you are BETTER than someone else because of the way you LOOK, man oh man, have you got problems. Feeling SUPERIOR because you’re prettier is the equivalent of feeling SUPERIOR because you’re of a certain race. RACISM IS OUTDATED BITCHES.

I don’t think anyone would disagree with the above points? (drop me a line if you do:

Yet, here lies the problem:

EVERYDAY, it seems like life rewards those who are more attractive and this is…TRUE.

BEING ATTRACTIVE can get you FARTHER in LIFE. but i want to draw the difference between ATTRACTIVE and PRETTY here.

attractive is not just physical- it’s how you carry yourself. SWAGGER.  its like an equation: SWAGGER: 5% PHSYICAL + 95% MENTAL. if you feel sexy, you probably ARE sexy (its cliche but true)– and you’re probably better in BED.  You can always manipulate the physical, and if you got the awesome personality– you’re fucking GOLD.

No braces for this girl

and no nose job for this one

Pretty is physical, pretty does not mean you can HOLD a conversation, does not mean you can be a FREAK IN THE SHEETS, and it def does not mean you’re FUN to be around.


True story.

In my opinion, all girls are pretty in one form or another, it’s the girls who don’t dwell on their looks that seem to get the man, the job, and the good life.

the truth? pretty’s a dime a dozen.FO REAL. Girls, invest your time (and money) in something else.

think im being HARSH?


yours forever,

saaghi  ساقی

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  1. The best story your website has put out thus far. Asian Americans experience and feel the same way. And a better name then “Sex and Fessenjoon” is probably going to get you noticed in media. My friends who work in the entertainment industry with me agree with me.

  2. Thanks!
    Got some recommendations?


    S&F Team

  3. Thank goodness I’m handsome and deep.

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