Hey Jooniesssss,

We always like to start off the weekend with a BANG (not literally …. most of the time) and we thought what better way to start the weekend than with a post solely dedicated to THE hottest, funniest Persian comedian, we’ve ever seen.

Meet Amir K., our flavor of the week (or month-take your pick):

Take me home tonight!

Now he’s the kind of guy, you might be able to bring home to Dad: UCLA educated  and even better (for us): not your typical engineer, doctor or lawyer (BOOORING). Nothing says SEXYYYY like a guy that can make you… AND your family laugh.

AND he looks good when he makes jokes...

Amir K., we just wanted to give you a little shout-out and say: we love you, your long hair and your insane, new beard (it might get in the way during a make out session, but we’re willing to look past that).

Still hot? We think so

So joonies, if you meet a hottie this weekend who’s not your pre-parent approved doctor or real estate agent, don’t turn your back JUST yet.  You might be missing out on something like this:

HAHAHA not sure what he said, but we're laughing anyway...

And if you’ve yet to experience Amir K. in action, check it out, we KNOW you won’t be disappointed (especially those of you with Middle Eastern DADDY ISSUES like Saaghi– see here):

Like what you see? So do we! We’ll be watching reruns of Amir K. this weekend, but share YOUR hottie run-ins from the weekend- can’t wait to see if they beat Amir jooooon:



S & F Team

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  1. i really look forward to your blogs, but this one was kinda lame. thank you, please get back on ur game. love u joonie

  2. this kid is funny, watch the clip

  3. Evelina Grigorian says:

    hahaha saw him at improv a few months ago… been a fan ever since!!! he’s awesome!!!!! and what a cutie ;)

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