Why am I Such a Bitch?

Hello world, Hello 2012.

Our first post in the new year: the year the world will end before Obama can get re-elected. Got any good resolutions? or NYE stories? shareshareshare with us!

Now without further ado, onto tonight’s topic!

Growing up, I always saw myself as the underdog– I was never the pretty girl (puberty held me back), I wasn’t the smartest (sorry dad) and I was never MVP of any athletic sport I participated in. I pictured myself as such an innocent bystander, because most of the time, I was.

In middle school, I volunteered at my public library and tutored kids with learning disabilities. In high school, I logged more than 250 hours of community service and made honor roll.

Then, later in my college years, I realized, hey, I’m actually not such a nice person. 

Actually, I’m kind of a bitch.

I remember the first time someone called me the b word– in that nice joking way people try to be honest–“omg, hahaha you’re such a bitch!” and I was so offended, It went against everything I believed in for myself.  I’m a nice girl– I thought, “but I haven’t done anything, other than say what’s on my mind.”

Then it all made sense- being a bitch was a good thing. It means I have the balls to say what’s real. What’s true.

Maybe in my 20’s, I’m more vocal than I was in my teenage years but overall, I’ve always had a pretty bad bitch mentality. I’m sorry I see things as they are.

If you don’t own a mirror and walk out of your house, I SEE THAT BECAUSE I HAVE EYES and I AM SORRY ABOUT IT. If you make stupid decisions, I WILL CALL YOU OUT ON IT because I HAVE HALF A BRAIN. And finally, if you call me a bitch, it means you just couldn’t handle THE TRUTH.

Now, I’m not saying HONESTY is always the best policy, but I really believe that as humans, our first instinct is to tell the truth. Our second is to lie. I know most of the time, it is to prevent people’s feelings from getting hurt but have you ever thought you’re doing more harm then good?

Exhibit A.

I know when I wear a dress after ALLL that holiday feasting, I’m not going to look my best. Yet my friends (MY METH remember?) insist I look GREAT- AMAZING- BEAUTIFUL.  And I buy into it, because I want to believe eating a lot of food will not change anything.

See when you LIE to me, friends, it makes it easier for me to stay fat. SO STOP.

Exhibit B.

When your friend asks you if a guy is interested in her, when clearly he’s not– you usually give into your second instinct and lie. Now your friend is the desperate loser, investing her time and emotions, waiting on a call/text/message, and you’re the person who PUT HER THERE.

So stop.

I think I’ve proven my point a little bit- that being a bitch is actually about being nicer to the people you care about. And I’m sure we’ve all heard of the book- WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES– and its true. I can sum it up for you right now so you can save $24.95 and time:

Men like women who prioritize themselves, aren’t afraid of losing them, and don’t put up with their bullshit.

Basically, men like women who PMS 24/7

because that means there’ll always be a chase.

So are you sold yet? Are you gonna start speaking your mind?

Don’t decide just yet.

It’s a thin line between Bitch and BULLY. And you don’t want to cross it. Because I have– and it is not so pleasant on the other side.

People respect bitches, People hate bullies.

My freshman year, I had an AWFUL living situation. I roomed with two other girls, who I had nothing in common with– one was from some farmtown, the other had parents who had matching mullets (I am such a bitch, arent I?)

i wish i was kidding.

Anyway, it was a long year, one of the girls turned out to be one of those clingy roomies that wanted to be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t going to happen- she needed to be on meds and I needed to get out of there. When she realized I was not trying to be anything more than roommates with her– she went BATSHITCRAZY>>

She would play the soundtrack to Alvin & the Chipmunks while I’d be studying in the room on full blast.

She claimed she was allergic to my perfume (WHO THE FUCK IS ALLERGIC TO DOLCE&GABBANA?) — so I had to go outside to spray myself, even though for 6 months she had been fine.



So, sh!t hit the fan and I moved out. And when I did, everyone who knew the situation was on my side. They thought she was absolutely insane. And this got to my head a little. Instead of moving on, I decided I’d make her life hell. Why? Because I could. It started out pretty mild, my friends and I’d just laugh or say something insulting when she’d walk by — then I went a little crazy, and accidentally spilled milk on her one morning, in the dining hall. I started laughing as I walked away, expecting her to storm over and scream at me or something. But she didn’t.

She just cried.

And that’s when I became the bully, and she became the victim. That’s when no one took my side.

Sometime’s being a bitch can give you a power complex, and that’s when its NOT about honesty anymore, it’s just about hurting.

Just because you have the balls to do & say things other usually can’t, does not give you the right to overpower them.

So I’ll end off on this joonies…

I am a bitch because I value honesty over false compliments and flattery. NOT because I take pride in hurting others. Let your inner bitch out because the witch needs to breath, but keep a leash on her!

I really need some of these cards.

Any Bitch/Bully Stories to share?


your favorite bitch,

saaghi  ساقی

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  1. Hate to break it to you but men don’t really love bitches. Men hate bitches, because bitches treat them like shit. Unless of course your man’s been abused growing up or something.

    Most people who refer to that book are bitches trying to justify being bitches to other people. Ive never once heard a guy bring it up or read it.

    Guys will go for nice girls over bitches 99.999999999999999% of the time. It’s just human nature, we’re hardwired so that women are caring/nurturing and men are competitive assholes. No one wants a competitive asshole woman who doesn’t care about others feelings, aka bitch.

    • No. that’s not true.
      Men like a challenge, it’s hardwired in their brains, and they can’t help it.
      The nice girl doesn’t provide for that, unless she keeps her man on his toes every now and then, thus giving her ‘bitchy’ aspects. Those are the kinds of women who end up in a happy marriage.

      I’ve known countless nice girls, and even tho some of them are very georgeous, they just don’t excite me as much seeing as they do everything I ask them, as opposed to a real bitch. You have to be somewhere in the middle though.
      Learn to say no, thus keeping your man chasing you, and you’ll be doing the both of you a big favor.


  2. Anonymous says:

    100% agree with you. I am one of those persian bitchy strong women. I’ve lost friends because they can’t handle the truth….and guess what…I was the FIRST of all my friends to get married…because men love strong women. Again, 100% agree with you. When my friends cry and say “why don’t I have a boyfriend?!?!”….I say…maybe you should get a job, or read the news, and stop getting your lips injected, or stop sleeping with unemployed models who are younger than who.

    Stupid “nice” girls will never learn….

  3. it sounds like the problem isn’t that “men like bitches”. rather, it’s that any girl who isn’t a complete doormat is considered a “bitch” these days. you say that you’re a bitch for being honest, but i don’t think that necessarily makes you a bitch… just honest :)

  4. Honest does not mean that your are Bitch !! You can be honest with out being rude . People don’t like you because you are angry and men don’t like you because of your attitude !! They think you are a Feminist Man-hater . You are rude and snotty !!! That’s why men don’t like you . Smile more and say ‘ Hi ‘ and you will see the difference. Trust me .

  5. definition of a bitch = narcissisit ! a real bitch is always right ! always put herself first ex: your girlfriend will go to a spa instead of going with you see your father in the hospital. a bitch always try to control others by any way she can. she will lies – hurt – target self-confidence of everyone around her ect…

    now why? pretty sadly they usualy dont even know they are a bitch! was little father princess who always got everything she want and even when they became adult they expect the same from everyone especialy her boyfriend ! when they see that its not working like it was with daddy then they will do anything to bring you down! their prenium weapon is bitching lol about your fail , your habits and when its a boyfriend usualy come to comment on size,technic and performance in bed !

    that what a bitch is ! well in my mind lol and bitch is girly expression and that why i say at first that bitch=narcissist because men can also be awsome bitch lol

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