We gettin’ ARAB MONEY $

Hola joonies. We’re about to make some of you very mad. (boys—lookin at you!)

So if you weren’t aware before, Iranians have this hate-hate relationship with Arabs. To all the white people reading, no we’re not all the same thing.  Different religion, different cultures, VERY different political agendas.

Obama bows to Saudi King

It’s a broad spectrum:

– The Iranians that strongly hate Arabs: they believe the Arabs were conniving conquerors, impregnating our beloved Iran with Islam and so bringing on allll the present trouble we face today (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of Iran)

– The Iranians that mildly hate Arabs: because of the Sunni/Shiite divide, and/or cultural differences “Arab-hayeh malakh-khor” =  Grasshopper eating Arabs.

– The Iranians that just hate Arabs, because…well habit.

Luckily, I grew up in a non-racist household (SORT OF) or my parents just forgot to teach me how to hate Arabs.

I actually love everything about them. Their language, their music, and of course, their MEN!

When it comes to men, Arabs are just MONEY

And you can consider this video the theme song of this post:

(and for all those who are going to complain about the use of quranic verses in this video—from one muslim to another, calm down and be glad they’re in a Busta video and not AlQaeda’s)

In the game of Arab men vs. Iranian men, I’m sorry to say Arabs WIN. It is not really about net worth, they’re not all wealthy– they just have unbelievable swagger. Most Persian guys just look feminine compared to Arab guys. Maybe its that our ancestors were chillin’ in palaces (see: PERSEPOLIS), and Arab’s were surviving the not-so-friendly climate of the desert and figuring out tribal warfare. Maybe that’s when they started to win.

Arabs on camels.

Or maybe, its that Iranians love to pretend they are aristocratic and refined (how many of you were forced to learn FRENCH?), and Arabs don’t mind being diiirttyyy (if you know what I mean) and…well, Arab.

why are their men touching him?

The hottest Persian guy could pass for a girl.

Whatever it is, I personally LOVE it. And if any girl has dated/seen enough Arab guys, they’ll agree with me. And obviously, they have a huge advantage- there are SO many of them: Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians, Algerians, Morroccans…etc (what’s your favorite flavor ;)?

I remember my earliest crush was on my Lebanese Sunday School teacher, Mr. Al. He had green eyes and brown hair, and was a great distraction from all the BS I had to listen to. It was very unfortunate that he was married with children.

When I was 18, almost immediately after dating an Iranian guy, I started dating a Lebanese guy. It was wonderful. The Arab didn’t complain, he didn’t talk about his MOM, and he didn’t do his eyebrows. He had a take it or leave it personality and he got shit done, and it was such a TURN ON. Even though he wasn’t as good looking as my Persian ex, he was so much SEXIER. I wanted to undress him everytime he walked in the room.

I’m sure there are great Persian guys out there- but you’re all downright INSECURE. Is my nose too big? Are my eyebrows arched enough? Is my doodool too small? Am I too hairy? Look, only girls get to be that insecure– and even then its fucking foolish. Arabs wear their traditional garb, they speak Arabic like they’re about to choke on something, and they grow moustaches and beards– and they OWN it. When’s the last time you saw a Persian guy flashing his lebaseh mahali (traditional village outfit) instead of his Mercedes and Prada?

If Arabs worry about this stuff, they’re good at hiding it because you don’t see them walking around looking like this:

Instead you have this: (soccer players, heirs, and princes- take your pick!)

yeah zidane’s arab.

Hariri, one of the world’s youngest billionaires

Hamdan, Prince of Dubai

How Do I love Arab $$$ ? Let me count the ways:

1. Bad Boys: They are the Persian girl’s bad boy. Siyaah’s (black guys) are the forbidden fruit, but Arabs are the snake. Your parents will not approve of the Arab, and that makes them that much more desirable. When it comes to white and black guys, some may lack flavor and culture— so Arab guys are the next best thing.

2. Aggressive: Like I said, they’re not afraid of getting down and dirty. Arabs are the Russians of the Middle East, and Iranians are the French.

3. The way they treat women: Wherever your Arab man is from, you can expect him to be 100% jealous and possessive at all times– and us persian girls, we LOVE that. Deny it all you want, but deep down- if you’re man doesn’t care where you are and who you’re with, you think something’s deeply wrong.

I’m prepared to take the hatemail for this – I’m expecting some really awesome emails. and hey, I’ll even post some of them :) so feel free to defend yourselves, persian boys.



saaghi  ساقی

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  1. Best post yet. YES.

  2. Good, honest post.

    Was chuckling my way through the whole thing.

    As a Persian guy, perhaps even a couple of years ago, I would have been pissed reading this, even though there is a fair bit of truth to it.

    Here’s the thing though. I’m married to a Persian girl who, prior to meeting me, dated her fair share of Arab men, and like yourself, found them to be sexier than their Persian counterparts.

    Till she met me. ;)

    And it wasn’t for the money, because I don’t have any! Well that’s not exactly true, I have enough, but I ain’t rolling in it.

    Also, I think it may be a generational thing. I am in my mid 30’s. Persian guys my age, for the most part, are not the soosools of your generation. But that soosooli boodan in the younger Persian guys I think is a facade. I think they are trying to give the girls (and mostly non-Persian, western girls) what they want.

    I lost count of the number of times girls I dated in the past tried to make me shave my chest or my arms because I was “too hairy” and I’m not even really that hairy for a Persian.

    Suffice it to say that if and when you do decide to get married, I’m willing to put money down that it will be to a Persian guy. Someone that will appreciate the fessenjoon you are going to cook for him once a week….. mmmmm….. fessenjoon.

    :D :D

  3. Zidane isn’t an Arab he is a Berber:  

    Many Lebanese people do not identify themselves as Arabs , they rather refer to themselves as Phoenicians :

    The same goes for Egyptians, Syrians, Algerians and Moroccans . None of them were originally Arab , they all got Arabized because of the Arab invasion during the 7th century.

  4. Hahahaha ! I LOVE this post ! My ex is Persian (I’m Mexican American) , but not the kind who spike the hair and look feminine. I loved every single hair on his sexy body :p). I date more Arabs, but Iranians r definitely hott also. Mmmm mmm mmmmm !! <3

  5. omg. THIS IS SO TRUE.

  6. VERY accurate! Love this post!

  7. ان الله اعزنا بالنفط

  8. What a horrible thing to write.

    I’m not angry, I’m just saddened that there are Persian girls out there that would write something this stupid.

    First of all, to call Iranian guys ‘soosool’, when Iranian men:

    * won gold and silver in the super heavy weight division of weightlifting in London this year, (making it the second Olympics in a row where an Iranian man was crowned “strongest man on the planet”).

    * consistently are among the best in the world in wrestling (winning three golds in London)

    * excel intellectually, even winning the international math olympiads in 1997 (and getting a higher score than all of neighboring countries combined in the olympiads since)

    Shows that you can’t see past superficial ‘swag’.

    I’m not angry about that, just sad, because you’re Iranian, and if Iranian girls can be this misguided and insecure as to write something like this, that says something about my ethnicity.

  9. Saman da rapist says:

    Arab guys are mainly always skinny compared to Persian/Iranian men. Iranians are culturally amazing in wrestling and weightlifting, arabs don’t really have any sports they excede at whatsoever.

    And seriously, the Iranian men who spike their hair, especially now a days are a rare thing to see except if you go to some douche club, and even those spiked up guidos are muscular.

    Its been proven that its eadier for Iranian men to gain muscle. This seems like a troll article written by an ayrab.

    Btw, my ex was saudi/syrian mix and I constantly get gawked at by arab women, even the religous ones.

    If arabs were such men then 4 million israeli jews wouldnhave humiliated them, just saying. Peace

  10. My boyfriends Iranian and he tells me that he refuses to date Iranian women due to the fact that they look like transvestites.

  11. I’m a half black half arab gurl dating one of the hottest men in the world who happens to be from Iran and Persian, and no, arab men aren’t even close to being as good as Iranian guys.

    Trust me, my arab mother warned me about the cruelty of arab guys towards women. She would rather me date anyone other than an arab.

    Persian men from what I’ve seen are loving, caring, strong (both physically and mentally) and just the best thing a women could ask for. Truly. And many of my friends are dating Iranian men too and they experienced the same thing.

  12. escortdiary says:

    Great post…love the humor!

    • yurawhore says:

      funniest article i read in awhile since the sex confessions on smut magazine while i was taking a dump… btw i was taking a nice SHIT while reading this trash and all i have to is someone should give you two awards, One for being the biggest Persian whore alive “ofcourse thanx to mommy” and second, for being the dumbest whore alive,,, u literally took snookis place!!! If 300 million arab men were Really MEN then they would have kicked 6 million jews asses by now… even with smallest penises existing today after the chinese they cant do shiiit!!! Further more with 49 countries including ALL arab countries supporting that sandnigger saddam hussein couldn’t defeat the Persians… that to alot of people is a statement that Persians got ballz of stell BITCH!!!
      noooo… arab cock is not what u need to recommend for other hoes, what u need is to stop thinking your gonna be the next kardashian. Ofcourse mommy and daddy would be proud :)

      • Lol …. Yo , he man , calm down a bit ….your foundation is coming off. You can’t spell and are trying to hard to act like 50 cent. Why hate? What’s the deal with Israel …. Didn’t we conquer your country? But that’s not the point , I’m not here to play who’s right and wrong , Arabs and Persians get along well in my city . But a kid like you would get slapped around like the little bitch that couldn’t … Keep Arabs out of your mouth , I will keep my dick out of your mother. :) now go wax your eyebrows…homo.

      • Did Samir just say didn’t we conquer your country? Who is this we? Secondly, instead of leeching in a PERSIAN site, go beat your wife dirty arab

  13. Dariush!!! A portrait of an overly sensitive irooni says:

    i agree with the article at times i am insecure and my girl will say I need my confident man! Buttttt as for wearing prada, doing my eyebrows NONE OF THAT. I shake my head as an irooni seeing these guys walk around! My eyebrows are wild.. i love I have hair every which way I always took pride in that and even was the first to laugh at the jokes “jungle bum” the Iranian guys that get insecure about that do the rest of Iranian guys a disservice. I am glad this article was written maybe shake the rest of these Iranian guys into what my girlfriend finds so sexy about me as an Iranian!

  14. If you don’t want to date effeminate men, you shouldn’t. Whether or not they’re Iranian shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

  15. ehsooon says:

    Let’s accept the fact, You never find a Persian gal as sexy and dirty as a thai or Latina gal, and as adorable as a french lady. Arab guys are like thai gals for us.

  16. Hey , loved the article, I’m an Algerian born and raised in France , now living in Montreal. My wife is Iranian and we have been very happy for years. Stereotypes just make you haters come off as idiots. I have many Arab ,Persian friends ….and you think we actually spend our time arguing over stupid shit like Sunni/shite bs? Persian or Arabian gulf? …. Personally I care more about what I’m eating for breakfast than retarded politics. And NO not all Arabs treat their women badly. Some fools do , and I would be the first to hunt them down. Why? My Iranian wife , isn’t just a wife…. She’s def. My best friend so I make it a point to treat her with respect and class like any real man should.

    Ps. For the haters of the article…. You brothers are just to insecure, stop catching pride attacks and man up.

  17. Did you just call us soosool? From every Persian guy out there: “Khak tu sareh ashgalet konan ke rafti ba ye arab e kasif, boro khodeto ba acid beshor”

  18. This post is mostly based on the fact that she couldn’t get a Persian guy, its okay sweeti, try going for second best ;) jendeh

  19. South_Lebanese_American_Muslim_Dude says:

    Great to see a Persian woman (dare I say Iranian woman) like Arab. A lots of Iranian women hate Arabs so much that sometime it makes one wonder if they hate Islam too with such fervor.
    Sorry but unfortunately Iranians girls living in West are more Westernized than most Western girls. They try to fit in so bad that they want to wipe off their Iranian roots from ever fibre of their DNA. Utterly disgusting & stomach-churning

    • no, friend, you’re failing to realize that persians never really accepted islam the way the arabs wanted us to. instead, the zoroastrians paid the necessary non-muslim tax and over time (a really long time) the majority of persians accepted shia islam as their own brand of stick-that-in-your-pipe-and-smoke-it-you-dirty-arabs “persian-islam” (see coca-cola vs pepsi).

      as for “Iranians girls living in West are more Westernized than most Western girls”, you clearly haven’t seen footage of persian girls in iran in the 1960’s-70’s pre-revolution. the way some of our moms and grandmas dressed in miniskirts and crop tops, it made parisian and london girls look like nuns. persian girls have always been wild.

      • True that the non-Muslims paid tax and jizzya in a Muslim Caliphate BUT people conveniently forget to mention that the non-Muslims were NOT required to go enlist in military and go fight the wars.

        And as for…. the Persians not accepting Islam…ha Salman ul-Farsi’s name is enough to say what a devotee he turned out to be of Ali and Husain’s wife Banu bint Qisra… yea’ that was Zorastrians accepting SHIA ISLAM centuries back.

        Anyways have fun prancing around in your teeny, weeny, itsy-bitsy bikini. Your “Persian” girls will get a chance again to teach those Parisian & London girls.

        If that’s the symbol of “progress” you want, may you get what you wish for.

  20. @South_Lebanese_American_Muslim_Dude, i’m not really sure about the history of islam and the stuff you’re talking about so i really can’t comment too much on that, but on the topic of “non-Muslims were NOT required to go enlist in military and go fight the wars”, yeah… so? what’s your point? why should they? lol #notmywar

    i would have fun prancing about in my bikini, but i’m a guy, so you’ll have to settle for my prancing in a mankini and i’d take my “persian” girls, as you put it, the way they choose to live their lives any day of the week when faced with the lovely (sarcasm) prospect of living in a city half populated with niqab ninjas. that is of course, if we’re allowed to occupy the same city streets. which we probably wouldn’t be.

    • Zainab_HjabiTehrani1990 says:

      To brother South_Lebanese_American_Muslim_Dude;

      Excellent point. Haters of Islam especially the people from Iranian diaspora (mostly from LA) have no idea that by the time Islam came to Iran, Sassanid Empire was already dying. In came the Sunnis and Mamluks and Turks and Azerbaijanis and Mongols. Very complex history. Zorasterianism was dwindling even before Arab conquests.

      Anyways very good point about Salman and Sher-e-Banu who were both Zorastrians (majoos in Arabic language) who EMBRACED Islam 1500 YEARS AGO. At the time of Prophet Muhammad.

      So that means there were Muslims in Persian way before Arabs came in .

      But these ISLAM-HATERS keep telling the false stories to the ignorants.

      khoda hafez

  21. South_Lebanese_American_Muslim_Dude says:

    Shukran, ya Zainab.

    Ignore the typical UNINTELLIGENT response by sold-out “Persian” (from LA, maybe ?)

    You are right on the dot about history of Iran, in a nutshell. Sassanid’s last Empire was already in the throes of death when first Islam was embraced by some of their finest 1500 years back.

    These Islam-hating “Persians” are the worst ever. They are more White-wannabes than the trashiest Whites. lol!

    Anyways, I end my thread here.

    Ramadan Kareem

    • @saaghi, i actually read this post for the first time to see what the hell this guy is coming from… this is a terrible post. you can love arab guys until you start eating lizards and riding camels, but you go out of your way to offend every persian guy out there because of your seemingly never-ending relationship fails with persian guys. perhaps the real problem, joonam, is looking right back at you in the mirror.

      @South_Lebanese_American_Muslim_Dude, it’s hard to reply to you and actually be serious because:
      1. you’re a lebanese american muslim dude
      2. you come to a website called sex & fessenjoon
      3. you post comments on a post about how some persian girls like arab guys
      4. you then go full crusader mode and think it’s the islamic conquest of persia v2.

      whatever form of islam you follow, i’m sure your parents, elders and clergy would tell you to shut the fuck up because you’re a terrible ambassador for islam. i’ll say it again, — you’re a terrible ambassador for islam. you literally need to beg allah for forgiveness because you live in the land of the infidels, a view held by many islamic scholars, you use a technology developed by the infidels to post a comment on a post about, essentially, interracial promiscuity and then go on to accuse persians of being self-hating and anti-islamic. these are not very muslim things to do. beg forgiveness from allah.

      i will not argue whether the islamic conquest of persia was a good or bad thing, i just accept it happened and has led us all to where we are today, whatever the circumstances. salman the persian was a devout follower of ali, which is quite convenient, he features quite prominently in shia history. i’m okay with this. i’m also okay with the idea of there being muslim minorities in the sasasian empire, such was the gracious and humanitarian way of ancient persians.

      i now come to a point where i’ve realised i’m wasting my time. enjoy your culture of sand dunes, camels and pointless killing. i, as a persian, will enjoy my culture of freedom. as an american, you should too.

      p.s. i’m not from commiefornia.

      to all those who will read this, yes, i very easily get baited by trolls. i just can’t let some things go.

      • #censorship

      • Shirin Ali Shah says:

        Mercury, your understanding of Islam & Muslims is as superficial and fake as the characters on “Reality” tv show The Shahs of Sunset. lol

      • well shirin, thank you for going to the effort of stating why my understanding of islam and muslims is as superficial and fake as tv personalities. lol indeed. much wit, very sharp, wow.


    Persians need to go back to their own culture.

  23. God bless Iran, I am Chinese and hope you will return to Zoroastrianism! China stands with Persia forever!

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