My new obsession: SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA- GREYHOUND. Even if you’re not a clubhead, you have to admit the beat is sick,brah. I think I could eat fessenjoon or have sex to this song, (or run a marathon) and thats why its S&F worthy.

You can listen to it in the new ABSOLUT commercial, thats part TRON/part ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Now we’re not gonna say its RACISM week, like they try to call out BLACK HISTORY MONTH & INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY…but I think Farrah brought about how us Iranians can be the victims of some very nasty profiling ….

but lets talk about how us Iranians can be some nasty racists, now I realize thats a loaded term, but lets be real– we can get pretty bad.

Sometimes I think we worship our “blood” as if we were tracing it back to GOLD. The ARYAN thing was dispelled a few months ago, and clearly, our oppressive theocracy should humble our superiority complex–no?

Well, I guess we can only feel superior, if we make others inferior….

According to Iranians:

AFGHANS? second-rate persians. OH the shit talking that happens when a Persian & Afghan date. Its almost worse than dating black…

ARABS? I taught you guys, remember? malakh khor…(grasshopper eaters)

BLACKS? ….if this isn’t obvious, call up the oldest Persian you know, and ask them. I’m too ashamed to type up some of the sh!t my grandpa says.

LATINOS? not as bad, I think any racism here is case-by-case.

And for non-persians reading this, don’t you worry, we even discriminate amongst ourselves. TURKS? they’re stupid. RASHTIS? ‘loose’ people. I could go on….

That pretty much only leaves, TEHROONIS to worship WHITE PEOPLE (sefeeds, the “blue-eyed”-ShahPahlavi). Gharbzadegi (disease of the west) is very real my friends, we wish we were blonde and anything browner than us on the color-scale falls “beneath us” in the “HIERARCHY”.

A lot of the racism might fall on the shoulders of the older generation, but what have we, the young people, carried over?

Do you know what CHESH-TANG is?


I don’t know if Iranians all over America, and Canada feel this way and its not to say that white people aren’t hating on Asians too (REMEMBER the UCLA chick?), but we like to ‘CODE’ our racism…and at some point in our youth, we begin to use the term chesh-tang a lot.

And I’m definitely not trying to be high and mighty here, because unfortunately, I’m just as bad– ‘I’m just the first to admit it’-YEEZY

My Persian Dad is one of the most UNracist people I know, and I mean that. He is so weirdly PC it scares me. but I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles.Anyway, one day my dad was deeply disturbed by the amount of times I dropped ‘chesh-tang’ in a sentence, that he interrupted me to tell me that I was “just jealous of them” and “success breeds envy”. WISDOM, dad.. WORD.

but I can’t seem to stop this train, all the Persians I know– we all got on it. and most Persians I know aren’t racist in any other way. So what’s with this bad type of yellow fever we got going here? Is Diversity creating more RACISM?

I grew up in a town where there wasn’t much diversity, I mean a few Asians, a few Indians, and me. I think my high school had one black guy in every graduating class. So much for the America the Melting Pot- ELLIS ISLAND BULLSHIT! So growing up, I didn’t even know what ‘chesh tang” meant– my parents never used it, and I sure as hell, found no reason to hate on the three or four Asians I knew.

Then college came around, and DIVERSITY actually happened. I remember when I became friends with more Persians, and they dropped the term ‘chesh tang’ I was SO disgusted. I thought “what ignorant racists”

Fast forward, years later. Not only do I use that term, I feel like Iactuallyhave anger towards their whole race, when ONE Asian does something impolite/wrong. I dont’ think: But what did they ALL do?


Where I live, there’s two doors to unlock before you can enter (extrasecurity). Common etiquette in my building- if someone’s coming in behind you, you hold the door open for them so they dont have to rummage for their keys. One cold, wintery day, I entered a few steps after this Asian chick, who not only did not open the door for me, she actually shut it in my face.

I didnt think: “oh here’s a girl with no sense and no manners”, instead I went on a tirade about cheshtangs and how khodkhah (selfish) they are to all my friends.


If my ex gets with an Asian, I say its because they’re ‘tight and submissive’

Not because I’m ‘psycho and possessive’.


While playing a game of basketball with a friend, an Asian guy approaches us, and in all seriousness, SCOLDS us (basically yells) that we’re throwing off his concentration as he plays badminton, and we should stop messing around. SORRY BOUT IT BRO, its a free country, and it sure as hell is an open-court policy.

I should’ve left the hate on the court though #ontheREAL.

Iroonis (and me) aren’t the only ones who’ve fallen in this trap of “hating on the model minority”.

Jeremy Lin suprised the fuck out of everyone, not because he was undrafted out of college and managed to score the most points in his first few career starts, but because he was ASIAN.


Even the Government takes part- read about the case of Dr. LEE where the courts denied him bail, and this is all in the past couple of years (not the early 1900s).

Racism, stereotyping, and profilling is bad– but it goes both ways. If we complain about it, we also have to recognize our own flaws.

We hate on Asians because they set the curve, and work harder, and we justify by scapegoating.

Um, can anyone say HOLOCAUST- HITLER- NAZI? Come on guys, lets rise above the jealousy and the petty anger.


Its hard, but I’m trying.



NOT to sound racist,

SAAGHI  ساقی

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  1. sashajoon says:

    It’s so hard sometime. The “Holier-Than-Thou” complex seems to be in our blood. I’ve been dropping the sia bomb. I was not like this before I brought my Iranian husband to America and he’s always like hating on sia’s… so I hear ya. Good luck on being more of a lover and not a hater.

  2. i completely disagree with this article. you completely represent yourself and only yourself with this one.

    • Thanks for reading Sara!

      But, really? There is nothing valid in this article?

      I am the only Persian in the world who drops the C word?

      Wow, introduce me to your group of friends please :)

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