Heads Will Roll.

JoonOMS. This is Mad Men inspired. :) enjoyyyy

Enough of the dating&sex routine for a sec. Lets talk business- literally.

How many of you have ever worked for an Iranian? Done business with an Irooni client? Or been in any sort of partnership with a Persian?

& finally, how many of you have found that experience to be…horrible?

Now that I have some experiences with a few of the q’s above- I’m wondering how standard it really is. Many of my family members warn me against doing business with our own kind, because of all the horror stories. But is it really rooted in fact?

Are Persians really good at screwing each other? 

in business ;)

Other minorities have been able to find success in banding with each other, and creating a tight-knit community– one that does business with one another, and ends up becoming $$$$. Iranians have been successful at $$$$ at the cost of fragmenting the community. I don’t want to go as far to say that Iranians cheat, steal, lie in business. Because we are a very educated and wealthy minority group– but we don’t really have any consideration/care for having each others backs (outside our bloodline).

Is greed killing our love of community?

Here are a few things I’ve noticed:

1. ParanoiaIranians always feel that their position is being threatened, and thats why they’re less likely to lend a helping hand. If you feel that at any moment someone can threaten your lifestyle/ability to put food on the table, the claws do come out.

Even if you’re just imagining it.

2. Patriarchy. Unfortunately, and this is something I’ve seen through my own (and people close to me)’s experiences–if you’re a Persian female, run in the opposite direction of working for/with Persian men. No matter how progressive they are- or say they are, there is no revolution that has turned back 800 years of history.

Male privilege exists everywhere. White, Black, Asian. but Persian Male Privilege is something that cannot be overcome by Persian women.

I can elaborate on this if it pisses you off– COMMENT ME :)

3. Politics. Office politics is inevitable in an organization with Iranians.

We do a poor job of keeping Church and State separate, and we’re equally as bad as keeping the Personal outside the workplace.

Some of this is due to comfort, its natural to be more comfortable with your own ethnic group and you open up more, but Iranians can be extra-gossipy, extra-drama, and a whole lot of extra-PAIN IN THE ASS.

4. “Poroo”. This is a Farsi/Persian word that I would translate as: “feeling OVERTLY-ENTITLED”. And Persians like myself are more comfortable to be “POROO” with other Iranians– its as if boundaries and limits are less of an issue. For example,

I am more likely to talk back to my boss Mehrdad, than to my boss Charles. And Mehrdad is more likely to deal with it.

This leaves professionalism at the door, quite literally.

I really dont want to come off as if I’m attacking my background, but I dont think I’m far off when I say we lack community.

I see the networking opportunities available to other ethnic groups, I see the fundraising events they put together, and I also see how well they work together in organizations– and I think, thats not possible with Persians.

and thats fucking sad.

For as educated and rich as we can be, we’ve sure become ‘dog eat dog’.






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  1. Hmmm, interesting. I haven’t had enough dealings one way or the other to offer much insight. Not offended by point #2 on patriarchy, but def curious. . . please elaborate.

  2. Hey joonie, can you elaborate on what you mean by this: “BUT PERSIAN MALE PRIVILEGE IS SOMETHING THAT CANNOT BE OVERCOME BY PERSIAN WOMEN.”?

    Also I just copy-pasted, so I’m sorry it looks dramatic and capitalized. haha

  3. well, we are having great fund raising events for pure Persian causes as of late with a lot of support from Persian community. I have bad experience with working for persians but they were all friend and family and I don’t think that counts.

  4. Sha Sha Savy says:

    I would be so rich if I had a dime for every time my friends said, ” I would never go to a Persian doctor”

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