Let Me Put Some Kush Up In It

VASUP, joons.

I’m actually writing to you from the comfort of my futon, in a bathrobe (even though I showered 2 hours ago), munching on whatever I can get my hands on. Its a lazy Monday– we all know real responsibilities start on TUESDAY.

And if your weekend wasn’t as great as mine (I set the bar pretty low, I assure you) then here’s a jam you can rock out to in your bathrobe or your ball gown:

I love Dragonette, and they will be at Coachella– and for all you Persian Princes and Princesses going this year, EFF YOU. HAVE A GREAT TIME.

ANYWAY. this post is mostly for the boyz.  Because I wanna hear what they have to say about the issue:

Girls and Weed.

Trashy or Hot? Does it need a label?

I never really smoked that much in high school– probably a handful of times. I preferred de alcoholism. One reason was because weed seemed to be a guy thing. I didn’t know many girls that  bought their own MJ, or had their own bongs or pipes.

This actually led me to believe that girls who smoked pot were either classless trash, or hippie vegans.

At my high school, classless trash meant your hair was greasy, your pants gave you a muffin top, and your tits were always hanging out. You smoked weed with the same dudes you probably gave BJs to.

Hippie vegan meant your hair was still greasy (or in dreads), your intelligence was trumped by your need to always be UN-conventional, ANTI-mainstream. And you smoked weed to make some higher-political point.

I’m sure its different for this generation (b/c I’m oh so old) or maybe in different locations, but where I lived, that is the way it was.

The other reason I didnt smoke was– weed smells– and my parents were pretty strict, so if I smoked and they smelled it on me, the consequences would be dire. Of course, my parents found my brother smoking weed, but he’s a guy and so the consequences were nonexistent.

Then I went to college.

My schema of what type of people smoked changed completely. I joined a sorority and while not all the “Sisters” did it, a good majority of the pearl-wearing WASPs did.

Soon enough, my girlfriends and I were carving up apples and enjoying some ganja.


I’ve inherited some lung problems from my father’s side (cue: AWWs) so I wasn’t in fantabulous shape to be smoking, but I’ve definitely come to enjoy CANNABIS in all of its different forms. Whether its an edible that takes me on a spaceship, or a vaporizer that clears my head– Mary Jane is the only white girl I’m always down with.

But there’s two contradictions I deal with when it comes to the KUSH/SATIVA/etccc:

1. I cannot get serious with a guy who smokes weed often. I have a friend who believes in smoking till he’s old and grey, and that is why he’s off the list of ‘potentials’. I have no problem if a guy likes to hit the bong once in awhile, but he can’t do it as often as me. And he can’t want to do it past his mid 20s. Sorryboutit, but thats my double standard.

2. If I tell people, or keep it to myself…I realize now that in high school, I was pretty narrow-minded about it. But, even now, I feel like there’s a stigma.

Definitely in the Persian community its not as readily accepted for Persian girls to smoke pot.

And when they do, they enter that category of “tatted-up sex-crazed bad girl.”  And if anyone says f#ck labels, and stereotypes– its an S&f writer– but I also believe in being smart. Don’t put your shit on blast, smart.

One time, my friend and I took an edible before hitting up some bars. Probably not the best idea as the room was changing shape for me as I attempted to dance in place. But the bigger problem was the amount of Persians I ran into, being this high…

A few Persians in particular that I knew would judge me. Let me tell you: trying to pretend youre sober, while high, is probably the dumbest move, EVER. because then you just look like a paranoid freak. I just couldnt get it out of my stoned brain that I needed to put on a normal face for them, for fear that I’d be “labeled.”

But I don’t know, is it all in my head, or is it true– Is there a double standard for Persian Girls and Weed?

Guys, are you less likely to wife a girl up if she likes smoking that kushhhhh? Is it not classy?

Or have we entered the 21st century, where all is fair game?





Don’t smoke that reggie bushhhhh,

SAAGHI  ساقی

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  1. Its not the weed itself that turns me off, its the philosophy behind the weed. weed acts like a crutch for modern society, it’s the go-to thing for suburban kids to do when they’re bored. its taken the place of finding meaning in your life.

    weed smoking today isn’t like marijuana in the 60s, during the beat era when drugs were thought to increase creativity, and steve jobs did lsd and thought it changed its life.

    its more like a crutch — typically the people who smoke it often, of any background, ethnic or class, use it to escape their problems. in that sense i think there’s a much higher proportion of “weedaholics” among regular weed smokers than alcoholics among regular drinkers. drinking regularly doesn’t necessarily mean anything — alcohol is the social lubricant of people everywhere. the meaning of alcohol is, for most people who drink it, i want to be social and have fun. but the meaning of weed is often, i don’t know what to do with myself.

    • I understand that the philosophy can be a turn off, but you cant generalize it to all people who smoke weed. Unfortunately, marijuana has come to be a symbol for lazy suburban kids, but to some extent, so has crystal meth. I’m sure there are people who turn to pot as a crutch, just as they can turn to sex or drugs or food.
      My point with this post was to say that specifically within the Middle Eastern Culture, its a double standard (like many others) that exists between the new generation of guys and girls.


  2. Also biology: different groups are predisposed to like different highs. People of North European ancestry tend to like alcohol intoxication more. Middle Easterners tend to have a more pleasurable reaction to cannabis. Males tend to like cannabis more than women.

  3. Iranian female pot smoker says:

    Well, first off, judging people is a useless waste of time. Not that this is a secret, but thought I’d put it out there. Re: weed and dating: I’m a female in my mid-20s who smokes somewhat regularly, and I have to say it’s a turnoff for me if a guy is against it. This is partially because I consider myself to be a rather successful female (don’t want to go into specifics but — good job, have attained higher degrees, I have great friends who are doing amazing things with their lives, I have a phenomenal relationship with my family,… no complaints) AND I also happen to smoke. Also, my parents know. They’re not thrilled, but we’ve talked about it and I’m trying to educate them on herbals.

    I personally have many reasons for smoking: personal reflection, enhancing music/movies, to relax, or just kicking it with my friends (Iranian and non). Also, weed does not give me a headache in the morning like alcohol sometimes does. Now, I know people who smoke and just waste their lives away — when they are high they are unproductive, sometimes silent, paranoid, and awkward. Those people need to stop. Or at least smoke less frequently. Weed is not good for them. But like any indulgence, every individual needs to establish their personal boundaries. Honestly, I prefer to date guys who smoke at least now and then, simply because I like to enjoy the things I like with the people I like. But I will just as readily date a guy who does not smoke so long as he does not care that I do because WHY SHOULD IT MATTER? So long as you are a healthy, happy, productive individual… why discriminate?

    As for guys (or girls for that matter) who categorize girls who smoke as trashy… I just assume they’re lame to begin with and probably still stuck in that “this is what girls are supposed to be like” mentality.

    Lastly, thank you for making a post about this topic!

  4. Not sure if I agree cuz most my Persian aunties smoke and make me purchase it for them even though i grew out of that phase years ago. Probably more ladies than men in my Persian family smoke weed.

  5. Accepted by who? Society ? Parents? Or just ppl that your usualy hang out with. These dayz in iran girls smoke pot way more than boys. My girl friends are all pot smokers and yeaah somehow ppl may think a high girl is not more than a easy p# ssy but not all of us.


  1. […] had a little post about Persian girls & weed awhile ago, click here to refresh your memory, but today we’re gonna take some time to tell you azizJOOONs about our experience with […]

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