Hey jooonie joons,

It’s about to get real tonight– dealing with a pretty touchy subject here and so I need to be extra careful with how I let this one out and who might read it.

Oh wait…

I don’t give a sh*t.

If you haven’t already noticed. 

If you can’t tell, I’m a little annoyed.  But let’s rewind…

Persian girls.

Let’s be real- befriending a group of Persian girls is one of the hardest things to do because we are some of the bitchiest, most judgmental women out there (we’re still pretty legit though — #truestory).

I will be the first to admit that when a new girl is introduced to my group of my friends, I don’t warm up to her until she proves herself to me.  But when a new guy is introduced — I don’t even think twice. #doublestandards.

If that new guy flirts with the biggest skank in the room, I’d probably find it somewhat amusing/funny.  BUT, if that new girl flirts with the hot guy in our group or even worst- my ex… I’d probably choke her (and judge obviously).

And I consider myself the “anti-bitch Persian girl.” (most of the time)

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Good Little Persian Boy


I’m going to bring us back for a second… to sex.  Because let’s just be real– we like that sh*t (at least Saaghi and I do).

Let’s cut right to it, we’re Persian girls and MOST of the time, we like Persian boys.  In fact, if we deviate from the standard mama loving Irooni pesar then we are rebels.

Oh yeah, she likes ARABS.


She’s going through some Sia phase right now.

It’s never completely acceptable for us to deter from what our mothers taught us: a Persian man vill be your future hus-baaand, fahimidi? 

Off limits… 

But what about the Persian boys? What do they learn growing up?


Heads Will Roll.

JoonOMS. This is Mad Men inspired. :) enjoyyyy

Enough of the dating&sex routine for a sec. Lets talk business- literally.

How many of you have ever worked for an Iranian? Done business with an Irooni client? Or been in any sort of partnership with a Persian?

& finally, how many of you have found that experience to be…horrible?

Now that I have some experiences with a few of the q’s above- I’m wondering how standard it really is. Many of my family members warn me against doing business with our own kind, because of all the horror stories. But is it really rooted in fact?

Are Persians really good at screwing each other?  [Read more…]

Get Crunk Up in Him

Hi jooniessss,

Sundays are so bittersweet.  I’m always glad I have an extra day to get over my hangover, but knowing that Monday is coming in just a few hours really f*cking sucks.

Saturdays are meant to be crazy.

No work tomorrow

Weekends are the best excuse to let loose.

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