I’m A Dope B*tch.

Thirsty Thursday!

I hope some of you guys are going out, and enjoying yourselves- because I’m sitting at home. It’s one of those days where the thought of looking aadam (human) or even remotely nice enough to go out in public, seriously distresses me. So I’ll be watching Mob movies, pining away after Al Pacino.

Michael Corleone is perfection.

Onto something less boring.

Anyone who knows me , knows I have some addictions:

to good meth, to good music, and to great sex. Unfortunately, all three are hard to come by.

We share the how-tos of our meth problems, and getting over the guilt of a good night, but in honor of EDC this weekend (hate everyone who is attending #FOMO), I want to do my part to share with you the music I think is worth listening to–and from Tehran to Cali, I don’t discriminate. I sincerely believe good artists deserve shoutouts and exposure, because to be frank– the music industry of everywhere is so filled with crap.

And by no means am I an expert, so suggest away: FBOOK,, or tweet me @saaghi_joon

So, whether you are headed to the massive rave happening in Vegas or just enjoying the weekend, here’s some good eargasms to keep you company:


We seem to be relying on the UK for everything nowadays– boy bands and killer tracks–Calvin Harris is a gift from across the Atlantic, and his mix of the Florence + The Machine track will make you a believer, if you weren’t already.

Tehran x UK x Paris:

ZedBazi: for people into Persian Rap, they are pretty much the rich kids, at the top of the game. While they may have started out as ‘Persian gangsta rap’, their new sounds are far from it.

Their new album is what you’d expect if you mixed Kid Cudi, 808s&Heartbreaks, with a dash of Tehrooni Swag.

Even if your Farsi/Persian is so-so, you can still appreciate the high quality and slick beats.

My favorite tracks from Zakhar Nameh, their newest album:

Imagine a summer villa overlooking the Caspian, shomal (north of Iran), with some kush (if thats your thing) and not a worry in the world #ifonly. That’s where this guy’s voice takes me:

another one, silkkkyyy smooth:

Check them here:


The-Dream might be the new R.Kelly, but it’s all about PUSHA-T (when the last time you heard it like this?!)

I Got a Dope Bitch:

DJ PANIC CITY. Never met a track I didn’t like,  but one that I can run and take shots to? WINNER. 

Tehran x US:

We all know Darius as the guy who seems to wail about something depressing (its a semi-decent wail nonetheless). Well, this is not your parents Daryoosh, I swear. Cruise to this song, compliments of Dirty Hertz:

Canada x US

Nas is back—he was all over the NFL draft advertisements. Now he’s on this Furtado track. No illmatic, but with Nelly’s smoky soulful music it’s worth a listen:


What’s an Irooni music post without the Queen?

& I just had to, because it was stuck in my head as I wrote this whole post- topdown, CHROME SPINNINNNN:





SAAGHI  ساقی

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