“That’s A Hook, Retard!”

JOONS. I’ve been feeling all kinds of weird lately: I’m in withdrawals from my meth addiction, and usually Flaming HOT Cheetos & Mast-moosir (yogurt-n-Shallots) solves all my problems, but I can’t even enjoy that quickfix because its summer, and:

#FML.  But then, Farrah sent me a video, that had me all like:

Why? Cause I realized, I can roll with life’s punches—


I’d like you to meet ERIC KELLY, the man who rips people (mostly the WALL street 1%) a new a$$hole, and is basically my new idol.

Ramin Hedayati co-made this video that should be called BOXING LIFE Lessons with Eric Kelly— its only a matter of time before this guy gets his own show. Watch* the “Miscreants” of Wall Street get SERVED, and enjoy!  *And the title of this post will make a lot more sense

Today, I’m going to give you more goodies– my currency is music this time, not sex– sorry just not in the mooood!

And last time I blogged music, some of you emailed for download links… I’d like to point out that they’re most likely right in the soundcloud player. But if you need an excuse to email or tweet ;) thats cool too: sexandfessenjoon@gmail.com or @SAAGHI_JOON


I know last time I gushed about ZedBazi, but if they’re the Kanye/Cudi of Persian Rap, then TM BAX is the Lupe Fiasco/T.I. Their songs are packed with less cursing, more substance, and pretty catchy beats. Also, one of the guys sounds like an Arab speaking Farsi/Persian…and we all know how I feel about my Arab $.MEN,  habibis.

Their newest track, ‘Dore Donya’ for your listening pleasure:

Aziz Joon is my personal favorite, featuring a female Persian rapper Farinaz and a very nice Piano melody…

Check more TMBAX here: http://www.facebook.com/tmbaxmusic


So my brother is going through that phase where he believes he grew up in Compton, but the benefit of this is that I was introduced to Kendrick Lamar. He’s signed to Dre’s label, and his music is Nas 2.0 if you ask me.
‘‘War is My Love’ is on a videogame soundtrack, and I feel like ERIC KELLY would really like this track.

BAY AREA RAP: my momma go dumb — not sure how many will appreciate the “unique” sound of STARTING SIX, but if you drunk in the club….


Lately, I’ve been craving a night out at a SAVE-THE-LAST-DANCE type of club, you know the type of place that Suge Knight and Dr. Dre would frequent. Where they play Petey Pablo.  And I know I’m not the only one…

Persian girls are the only type of women who would dip it low in Louboutins.

We get tired of keeping it classy, and sometimes we just want to pop, lock, and drop it… ya know?

So thank god, for DIPLO, the best thing to come out of Philly since Cheesesteaks– I already shared this in one of my previous posts, but its too good not to spread. it just makes my booty GO—

Rack City has been called the 2012 rap anthem, and its the only rap video I’d gladly star in (THROWIN Hunneds, Hunneds) with Alex Nazari directing — but I’m more of a fan of this mix made by Bay Area-Irooni IpaNEEMA.  His version emphasizes exactly what I love about the song, which is the way it makes my hips shake–more on this talentstar later, for now enjoy:

Club BANGerr

I was never a Radiohead fan outside of 90s films, and some emo moments, but Case & Point has made me fall in love. Their remix of ‘Everything in its Right Place’ is what I call “LSD LUSH”.

The talented duo hail from Boston (I rep Celtics til the day I die)– but I can’t wait for them to head over to Cali, so I can catch this live:

AriMELO made this song, and its kinda DOPE. Type of music you can do a lot of things too (get your mind out the gutters). But mostly, Ari Melo’s track just makes me sad because it reminds me of Ibiza, which reminds me of Masquerade Motel at Pacha, which reminds me of the sad news that Swedish House Mafia is retiring

Wait, did I just put Ari Melo in the same sentence as SHM? whaaaaaa…click play:


I personally love it when I hear old Persian Music–that my dad blasts on Sunday Mornings– in a new and innovative way.

Kiavash Teymourian has done that with ‘Shabe Mahtaab’ and its bomb.com to say the least. He’s a talented classically-trained musician, so props to him for creativity.

Check him out: http://www.facebook.com/Kiavash.T

& finally last post, we hailed the Queen of Persian Music- Googoosh. This time I pay tribute to the King, Farhad. A revolutionary man for a revolutionary time– R.I.P.





SAAGHI  ساقی

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  1. woohoo bay area (manzooret hast yay area dige? LOL)

  2. God I love Brooklyn.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that rack city remix…

  4. liked most of them but the rack city remix and get on your tippys song is like crack, and has been replaying on my ipod all day.

    and id dance to freeka leek in my red soles, anyday

  5. Eric Kelly is a champ, makes me miss NY. the Persian Rap song and the tyga mix were the dopest, mad respect to you guys for recognizing Farhad.

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