But You’re Like Really Deep.


do you know I’ve never spelled it that way?

I’ve been feeling uninspired lately. My life’s gone from 150mph to a slow turtle’s pace. (oK , I’m done with the pity party I swear)– and so I have..different material to work with–what that means for you guys is blog posts that are less sex, more JOON.

because I even forgot to bring my little friend to my new place.  (Let’s see how long I can hold out on this one.

Just so we’re clear. This post isn’t an ODE to mY loneliness POST, and  this post is NOT about me hating on Persian men– which is code for: DONE BEING SINGLE, SWOOP ME UP DOODOOL TALA!   just keeding.

its about depth. and depth-y people (I just created that adjective).

& Just to set the mood, I feel deep when I listen to this song:

SO wtf do we mean, when we say someone’s “really deep”?

Does it mean they’re spiritual? They recite cryptic poetry? Or that they’ve been through a lot of crazy sh!t in their life?

And how do you measure this “Depth”? cause clearly, humans aren’t actual swimming pools.

Although I wish people would have some sort of obvious marker for safety purposes– like “7 feet”, “5 1/2 feet”, “WADING POOL”.

Personally for me, sometimes I feel like I’m very lost in my internal philosophical monologues, and other times I just want to fucking go shopping.

How can I worship Louboutins and Marx at the same time? Now that is some alienation of INTERNAL CONFLICT.

And I also fall for guys based on this split personality:

There’s the Dr. Saaghi who likes the “Deep” Guy, who she drinks coffee with and discusses Arab-Israeli conflict.

And there’s the Lady Saaghi who likes the Dumb Brute– or in layman’s terms, the hunky athlete who talks about muscles.

& I’ve struggled to find a two-in-one package, so that’s what got me thinking about what DEEP I was even looking for. And then it all hit me one day when I was talking to my younger brother. Most of the time my brother says things like ‘Real Spit‘ and ‘Bitches be Thirsty‘, but sometimes he’s actually insightful. I know I’ve painted him as Johnny Bravo’s little BRO-sky but he’s capable of some very good conversations about life, our family, and even himself.

No one would think that unless they spent a lot of time with him, I mean– I didn’t even think that, and I’m his sister.

And looking back, I realized there were plenty of the “Deep” category guys who had done some stupid shit, and I had heard some wise words of wisdom from Muscle Men. And what about me? Saaghi– vain and self-reflective.

If you met me at a Sample Sale maxing out my credit card, I’d want you to give me a second chance.

& I also wouldn’t want you to think I obsess over the MEANING OF LIFE because I read Sartre, or because of the oh-so-traumatic event that happened to me when I was 18.So, you REALLY can’t make life easy, and categorize people– because they’ll always surprise.

Being an intellectual does not make you deep, and neither does having a traumatic experience. Its about how you choose to understand yourself and others around you. The way in which you process your every day existence is really what creates depth.

and so I realized DEEP is less like the depth of a body of water, and more like the NYC Subway. Life experiences are like different stations, but how you get to them is mostly underground

— and you gotta know when to switch lines, get on, get off, etc.

Before I ramble too much, the point I’m getting across is that there is no universal standard to depth, its more in the eye of the beholder…or the dive of the swimmer?

So what I’m looking for clearly can’t be written on a ‘Dating Resume’– “oh he likes to drink espresso, wear black, and write haikus- DEEP for sure“–


because even a hunky athlete can really be more insightful than I’d ever imagine.

I got really creative with my analogies today, that happens when you’re being depth-y ;)




Depth OUT.

SAAGHI  ساقی

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  1. to me depth is when the other person knows what you are talking about and you two connect over common feelings and experiences. so those could be something really profound or something stupid, but when you can talk about them with someone who understands them you feel that the talk was really deep since it hit something really deep in you!

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