NPR And All Its Glory


This is a very special day for us.  

(Click here for our NPR INTERVIEW)

We started this blog last November with the hope that we could reach out to the younger generation of Iranian Americans and provide them with the dialogue that is often silenced/forbidden in our culture– a dialogue revolving around sex and other issues that are considered “taboo.”

Through our personal lives, we’ve learned that avoiding experiences out of fear or lack of knowledge only lead to bad situations.

Why is it that we have to hide a side of our identities because we are afraid of judgement?  Or that we worry about what our Iranian peers might say about us because we’ve done something that is considered “normal” in the U.S.?

We are not our parents/grandparents, and we shouldn’t be expected to believe in their same ideals.

At SexAndFessenjoon– we have always strived to achieve transparency by detailing honest accounts of our sexcapades and experiences- whether they were good or bad.  You don’t have to agree with our beliefs… but we hope that you keep reading and can find YOUR own voice while reading about our past.

As a culture, how are we expected to evolve if we never talk about anything?

With that said, please check out our first ever interview with NPR (click here).  A special THANK YOU to Sam Keyvan for really doing us proud!






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  1. shouldn’t it be “NPR and all ITS glory” without the apostrophe? just sayin’

  2. Congrats! Keep on the great job!!

  3. Sam K is a champion. Congrats

  4. Miss Amirah says:

    I love your blog so much! Even though I’m not Irani, I can definitely relate! Your blogs have given me a voice and the confidence to be comfortable with who I am whether it is “normal” among the Muslim/Desi community or not.

  5. Did a presentation on your blog for my “Women and Revolution in the Middle East” course. Needless to say, the messages you’re sending fit perfectly into the course. My teacher loved it.

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