Bringing Sexy Back


So today I found out– that it’s not me, it’s my oven. It doesn’t work and so instead of starving I decided to order pizza. After which I had the realization, I don’t think any man comes close to the way I feel about Stuffed Crust Pizza.

The best sex or Stuffed Crust Pizza? You know, in all honesty, I’d hesitate on that one.

As you can tell, I’m multi-tasking today, blogging/stuffing my face.

So in a topic completely un-related, I want to talk about…SEXY.

A while ago, I asked what it meant to be, like, really deep? And you know, SEXY is also an ambiguous term. Is it Kate Upton on the cover of  GQ? or is it one of those days when you wake up and decide you kick ass?

Is it Cleavage or Confidence?

To tell you the truth, it’s probably a bit of both. Sexy, like other things, is in the eye of the beholder.

Some guys I talk to think sexy is their girlfriend after an intense work, and some girls think nothing is sexier than guy with ambition.

The only real truth about sex appeal is that it is universal.

As a woman (because that’s the only perspective I can speak from, although I wish I could be a sexy man for a day) I think sex appeal is a dangerous game to play. Now, I’m not a bra-burning feminist– and I’m definitely nobody’s mother. But the other day, I was at a frat party– I’m too old to be going to those– and I was pretty shocked at what I saw.

Girls in lace bras, see through shirts, booty shorts, skirts, and sky high heels– roaming around a house that smells like beer trying to find a boy to hang onto. This is old news, and I am not saying I was above this scene when I was in school–

I don’t care if they have sex with random frat boys, or they drink til they pass out (I mean I care, but really…we’ve all been there). But I kind of cared that all of them seemed so insecure.

But for the first time (sober), when I looked at these young freshmen girls I saw them for what they really were: little kids playing dress-up, uncomfortable in their skin, and really just trying to be desired. For them, the frat guys validated their sex appeal.

If they looked their way, flirted with them, hooked up, etc– it meant they were desirable, sexy, hot. & This is exactly why it is dangerous.

You’ll never be good enough if your ‘sexy’ depends on other people.

A lot of girls lose self esteem this way. I know I did. It seemed that when a guy gave me attention, my ego would be boosted! All of a sudden I felt a little better than the next girl. He wanted me.

But I quickly came across the reality that men’s attention isn’t monogamous. So if you correlate your worth to how long you’re his shiny new toy, you’re going to feel like sh!t most of your life.

Back to the girls at the frat party, they dress the part for ‘sexy’ but in reality, they’re fragile and sensitive. Just like I was when I first went to these parties. It takes one negative comment for a girl’s night to be ruined, isn’t that fcking sad? My friends and I had many nights that went to sh!t because of some drunk guy’s words.

And until I got around to realizing ‘sex appeal wasn’t a miniskirt and boobs, I had already created lots of insecurities for myself.

I don’t want to preach but joonies:


Nothing makes you feel more sexy, than when you feel desired. But if you have to chase it, it becomes a little degrading…


The mirror is more accurate than a drunk guy at the bar, so if you were happy when you walked out of the house– don’t change your mind.



Everyone smells Attention-Whore from a mile away, so tone it down.


Mitt Romney has more money than a lot of us could ever dream about. But I don’t want to be Mitt Romney. There are girl smarter prettier hotter blabla– but I don’t want to be them either. (because what I lack in good looks, I make up for in sex blogging HOLLER jkjk)


No but really, don’t take out your insecurities on other girls. Inevitably you will, I do too, but try hard ..not to :)




BRought sexy BACK YUUP.

SAAGHI  ساقی

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