Yeah, She’s D for D.


Hope we made the early week a little more bearable  for you guys with a little humor on the tumbLOLr (tumble here).  As for myself, I’ve been putting this song on REPEAT…mourning over the fun/careless summer I never had #firstworldproblems #momoneymoproblems

hit play if you feel like your summer was unjustly cut short, too.

Do you know what’s great about speaking another language a.k.a Persian/Farsi?

The sh!t talking.

Yes, we’re all guilty of being mean in our mother tongue. It’s a privilege we use and abuse.

And its not just Iranians– anyone with the advantage of a second language can and does do it. I swear my nail lady is always talking smack about me in a voice that’s barely above a whisper.  However, for my friends and I- Farsi doesn’t cut it anymore.

In California: Talk Shit, Get Hit. Especially if its in Persian. The chance that someone in the room understands you is more than 50%, and the chance that you’re talking about a Persian is even higher.

So when all else fails, we use acronyms. And this was a long-winded introduction for our most meaningful one yet:

D for D = Desperate for D!CK

First, a definition:

D for D: (adjective/ ‘dee for dee’) a person who is not only desperate for attention from the opposite sex, but also desperate for a hook up– so much so, that self-respect and good manners fly out the window.

So basically it is a Thirsty Attention Whore (read about how much I love that species here).

I’m not trying to be judgmental, because we all need some good D in our lives here and there, but I have zero HOS (patience) for those girls who consistently make an idiot out of themselves, and willingly get disrespected JUST to get with a guy. I can’t understand it, to tell you the truth. I see it in all different types- not just the bimbos and the ditzy girls.

There’s really smart and accomplished girls out there who just lose their sh!t when they see a potential doodool coming along.

I have seen some (not gonna name names, not that I ever do!) people who put up with public humiliation from their D, only because they want his D.

Example Scenarios:

– Oh, ignoring me at a party- and flirting with other girls? No Problem.

– Have no care how I get home at 3 am? I still want to have sex with you.

– You’ve hooked up with my friend? I love sloppy seconds.

Part of it can be thought of as insecurity, but that’s not all it is. Somehow, these girls’ brains got hardwired to believe that they weren’t good enough to just get some– that they had to work for it by putting everything they had on the table.

By acting the way they do, these girls don’t even expect to be respected– they feel lucky they even got a turn.

I want to know– WHY?

How can a girl who can fill 3 pages of her resume not allow herself to have the very basic standard of respect?

If you have a friend who is D for D, here’s how it affects you:

1. Friendship? What Friendship?  Don’t depend on this girl to come through especially if she has her hands full with a certain D (no pun intended)

2. She’ll give you a bad rep too. Pretty self-explanatory, you don’t want to be disrespected-by-association, right?

3. D for D might be contagious, with other side-effects. The more you hang around D for D, the more you think a lack of self-respect is normal.

Now, we all have different standards for respect but I think we all can agree that no girl should be D for D, because no D is really made of TALA.




D for S&F

SAAGHI  ساقی

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