Islamophobia Can Suck It.


The way I feel about religion is the way I feel about myself during Puberty. Hate it, but can’t pretend it never happened.

I was raised Muslim. I have issues with the religion, I’m not practicing but there is no doubt that my blood is as Islamic as it gets… you can take a look at my family tree, if you know what I mean.

And for years now, I’ve been observing Islamophobia— passively. I’m not a hijabi,  I can conceal my religious heritage.  And while I’ve never denied being a Muslim, I sure have conveniently left it out of conversations.

Villifying ‘Muslims’, as you know, condemns all Muslims regardless of where they fall on the spectrum of extremism to laissez faire. These past few days, have just been a little too much for me. The movie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s article, the protests…

is it an Islamic Awakening, or is the AntiChrist coming?

Either way, many of us kids who grew up with a pretty significant amount of Islamic influence know that

Islam is a religion, but religion is culture.

& what type of Judeo-Christian supremacy is this, that even the right to our Islamic culture is questioned and degraded? That Muslims are nothing better than raging lunatics; a people who are irrational and needing to be saved.

For years I have criticized and blasted my father’s religion for its inadequacies, but now it’s time to address the rest of the worlds’:

The West, you are an orientalist. You don’t know any better than to export and impose your own ideology. You believe your God is better, you believe your ‘religions’ don’t oppress. You believe you are wealthy and better off because your God is better, or that you were the ‘chosen’.

And finally, you think we’re inherently inferior or we would know better… than to end up like this:

Ms. Hirsi Ali, thank you for what you have been through, and thank you for talking about it. (Read her Newsweek Article here)

But fuck you, for turning around and making it worse for every single Muslim Female in the world. Because you are now the footnote to every Anti-Islamic publication. Because now some white guy really believes Muslims, and all 1500+ years of their ancestors, are NOT innocent.

Hirsi Ali says, “Islam is a cult”

Well, it’s a cult of more than 1 billion strong. By attacking their core beliefs, you hope to “free” them? Of course, if you attack the Sacred Prophet of more than 20% of the earth’s population, some nutcase is going to want to kill you.

Hirsi Ali, you’re no better than the Western Orientalist.

And what Ayaan Hirsi Ali does is ask to destroy a culture she believes perpetuates violence and oppression. But is that a solution?

Do you set fire to a house and start from scratch, when it needs remodeling?

Becoming an anti-Islamic apostate may have eased Hirsi Ali’s conscience, as may her provocative writing, but she is not an activist.

In fact, there aren’t that many Islamic activists that have helped the cause, because even the ones that try – end up being outshined by something bloodier and more BEARD-AND-TURBAN-ESQUE.

Now, I have my own belief system, and my own challenges that I deal with in terms of religion and faith. But this is about discrimination, and the system of justification that exists for it. Even from the most liberal people, I have heard–‘Muslims don’t help their cause with how they handle their situation’

But this goes back to inherent ethocentrism. I am not arguing the Taliban and Al Qaeda aren’t violent terrorist organizations, but for history there is always context. Islamic fundamentalists don’t just pop up, as if they were dropped randomly from the sky. Just as juvenile gangs don’t develop in Los Angeles because the wind brought them there.

While the media’s disregard for context and love of episodic storytelling is infamous, at this point– I believe, in the 21st century we are witnessing for the first time, the media as the sole producer of a prejudice.

Islamophobia is not the product of Osama or Saddam, it is the child of the media. Their irresponsibility has now raised a monster, and created a lot of rage.

And I just wonder, how long we’ll be blaming pictures of dead BEARD-AND-TURBAN Muslims?




Signing off,

SAAGHI  ساقی

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  1. More nonsense. You want “Islam”? Why don’t you move to any of the 56 Islamic states? Oh what’s the matter?

    You don’t want to? Oh wait, you mean the part about no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, no freedom of assembly? Are you talking about your “chador”? Are you talking about your FORCED modesty?

    Hell, the “heart of the Islamic World” is Saudi Arabia and half the population there can’t even vote or drive!

    And yes, of course it’s fucking violent. When’s the last time you saw Jesus grab a sword and behead 200 people? “Imam Ali” did that. Muhammad murdered tons of people. Can you believe if any of the apostles did that? Hell no.

    Because even if the Old Testament is full of BS and violence, no one actually believes that shit. But the Muslim who wants to kill Salman Rushdie obviously believes THEIR own bullshit.

    The problem in the Islamic world is that YOU CANT CRITICIZE ISLAM. And when it takes over a society, the FIRST victims are women!

    So before you start showing off your “Islamic” credentials, just know they’re coming for you and your ‘sex blogs’ first and foremost.

    Then again, you’d already probably be stoned to death under “islamic law” for pre-marital sex.

  2. outofstep09 says:

    Reblogged this on confessionsofamuslimpunk and commented:
    I agree with many of the sentiments expressed here, especially ignoring the wider context of what has happened recently. I do believe that one should be able to critique a religion or any ideology for that matter, but this treatment should be used towards all, not just one. Anyone who denies that other religions have not been just as violent at times or reactive needs to pull their head out of the sand.

  3. In response to payman:

    Matthew 10:34-39

    “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ” ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law– a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ “Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

    • No one follows Biblical Law.

      • Taraneh says:

        That’s a really extreme statement. Extremists in every and any religion exist. You can’t just deny that. Yeah I agree with some of what you said but I think the blog’s main message was that the media is really demonizing Islam and Muslims – focusing ONLY on the extremists.

  4. The See Horse says:

    Christianity is very much to blame for colonialism of the Americas, at least. In the rest of the world it was also used as a subjugation mechanism and to deprive the local societies of their cultural identities all through the recent history.

  5. LMAO at Payman’s comment. Yes, I like to get my historical facts from Anti-Muslim websites too. They’re enlightening. Especially the part about being stoned for pre-marital sex. So fucking accurate.
    I agree with what you say Saaghi aziz. Religion does need to be critiqued (actually that is what religious scholars are supposed to do. they’re supposed to reread and understand religious texts not regurgitate what scholars from hundreds of years ago said).

    • My facts from anti-Islam websites? If they’re FACTS, then where does it matter where I got them from?

      Thanks for proving my point

      • If you don’t know the difference than that’s a reflection of your lack of critical thinking. I really don’t care what sources you choose to rely on or what you deem as “knowledge”. All I know is that it is resulting in the spread of unecessary hatred and bigotry and that can never be a positive thing.

  6. wow: your blog managed to bring another bigoted nut case—but hey you live and you learn—it is ironic those who are trying to “Free” agus from our crazy religion are doing this at the cost of annihilating and destroying and entire 1.5 billion—this has to be the biggest genocide of all times—

    i wholeheartedly agree with you saqee—just because our religion or culture or whatever you want to call it is filled with flaws, does not mean you should go ostracizing the entire 1.5 billions of us

  7. I disagree with you 100%. I despise Islam. It is nothing BUT a peaceful religion. Islam is backwards and a barbaric religion. Let me just list off some things that encompass Islam:
    1. A woman is worth HALF of a man. Now, let’s just assume that there was a God….would God punish women for being women!?!? Why would God be sexist? 2. Fasting during Ramadan. There are facts that have been documented to show numerous people getting sick and dying as a result. 3. Stoning 4.Honor killing 5.Women dress code of covering up 6.It’s ok to lie!! Take a look at taqiyya and kitman. 7.SHARIA LAW!!!! And etc, etc. The list goes on and on.
    Unlike other religions, where it’s ok to criticize, Islam DOES NOT want you to criticize it, it’s their way or the highway! Look at all these protests! I am absolutely disgusted by them.
    I’m actually surprised that you would be pro-Islam, especially since you have been so open about your sex life and what you have done in life (no offence), Islam is especially degrading to women!!!!! We will never have an open and honest society if Islam persists.
    I couldn’t agree with Payman more. What’s funny is that these people leave their country and come to a Western one and demand that everyone follow THEIR laws. If you don’t like Western views, then GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!!! Why the FUCK are you coming to a Western country and wanting them to obey your religion.
    Islam has done NOTHING for any country, look at what it has done to Iran for god’s sake. It is an archaic religion and those countries that are Islamic are still in the stone age.

    • The countries that Islamic extremism comes from are often places where the US and other imperialist powers worked to eradicate the progressive democratic powers there while giving power to despots and extremists. Islamic radicalism was invented in the 20th century in reaction to the torture, corruption, and abuse that those peoples were victims of. Some of the people who are pillars & bastions of Western Civilization, and those glorified by American mythology were some of the most brutally repressive, totalitarian & genocidal figures in history that make those demonized by the right wing look like choir boys. So please save the pseudo intellectual blog rants, Hanna ;)

      • Taraneh says:

        Very well put.

        If anyone hasn’t yet, read All The Shah’s Men. It further proves exactly what you’re saying.

      • So you’re saying the problem is not in the Quran and Hadith that Muslims follow? I recommend you do some reading. Quick.

    • Turn off your TV & read

      • Sorry to break it to you bud, but I’ve read enough and have enough LIVED in an Islamic country, which is why I live in a Western country now! But instead of me trying to force-feed how Islam is corrupted and a disgrace of a religion, why don’t you go and live in an Islamic country and let me know how that goes ;)

      • Yes, that is great advice that you yourself should follow. Why don’t you take the time to read the Quran fully and Hadith and stop making yourself look like a fool.

    • The orgy of conservative hypocrisy, religious idolators & corporate vultures have blinded people in this country to the true meaning of words..smh

  8. On another note, you don’t know how disappointed and let down I am after reading this pro-Islam post. Here I was thinking that you and Farah were these two forward-thinking, progressive and feminist women who represent the new generation! Islam is the antithesis of feminism and progressive thinking.

    • So progression means demonizing 20% of the world’s population?

    • Your ignorance disappoints me.

      • Where is my ‘ignorance’? Please enlighten me. I listed numerous aspects of Islam, you have yet to discredit one of them.

      • dude, just let her be. it’s not even worth it.

      • “Not worth it”= Can’t come up with a good counterargument. I rest my case.

      • Your disdain for this religion has clouded your judgement therefore any argument you make is subjective and in turn invalid. Show me facts… all you’re doing is propagating hate and negativity. Your points are as illogical as me saying because a man beats his wife, every single man on this planet beats his wife… Every religion has its fair share of fundamentalists.

      • So you want facts, eh? Please do a research on Islamic countries and see what comes up! Or how about just read the Koran!!!! Even if after all these, you still haven’t quenched your thirst, I suggest reading some books by Christopher Hitchens, Ayaan Ali, etc. or about people who have actually lived in an Islamic society (heck even ask any Persians on this blog!).

      • Islam is not defensible. The thing is, Islam doesn’t even PERMIT criticism. When’s the last time you had OPEN debate in Pakistan? Hell, they have Christian debates all the damn time in UCLA and UCSD regarding the existence of God, etc etc. When’s the last time anyone criticized the Quran?

        This video pretty much sums up my thoughts.

      • Payman jan, you keep saying islam doesn’t allow this or that. Based on what? How is what people do a reflection of religion? You said yourself earlier that people don’t follow Biblical laws even if they are vile or what not. So this is not an issue of religion but an issue of people and their personal ideologies. Anybody who was raised in a cultural AND religious family knows that much of what is taught/done in the name of “religion” is grounded mainly in culture and not the actual teachings of that religion. And another problem of people is that they rely on CLERGYMEN to tell them how to run their lives and they exercise no critical thinking what so ever. So when clergymen end up being corrupt they blame religion. Again, this is no longer an issue of religion. Deleting religion will not fix the problem. As long as people can’t think critically/analyze there will always be problems. If not in the name of religion, it will be in the name of some other ideology. You want to help people? Teach them to critique and teach them to respect the right of others to make their own decisions. And before you say some nonsense about how Islam doesn’t respect people’s rights to choose their lifestyle remember that one famous quote from the Quran that says “there is no compulsion in religion” .

    • Hello Hanna,

      I’m sorry you were disappointed. I read your comments with an open mind, and I hope you read mine the same way :( because I think you misunderstood, and jumped to a few conclusions.

      I understand you despise Islam based on your experiences. but I think your hatred is more blinding than rational.. Even if you’re right, it can’t be fair to be so harsh to 1.5 billion people– don’t you think?

      1- If Islam is oppressive and backwards, then your comments aren’t any different if you’re judging people who defend their faith and religion (regardless of what it is). You believe Islamophobia is the solution, and it is what Muslims deserve?

      Explain to me Hanna joon, how your sentiment towards Islam is any different from antisemitism or racism?

      Because if you have evidence to back up your claim that more than 1.0 billion people deserve to be villainized and discriminated against– then please share.

      2- Not once in my blog post did I come to the defense of Islam the religion, because as I mentioned in the post– I am not a practicing Muslim. All academics agree– religion takes a big role in shaping culture– for society, and the individual. Muslims-turned-Atheists don’t step into a machine that strips them of their Islamic roots– that is impossible.

      Islamophobia and the Media’s role in it is what I have a problem with. It is condemning all people of Islamic backgrounds to a sense of shame and inferiority.
      Just as it happened with the Japanese, African-Americans, and Jews.

      Surely, you cannot be defending discrimination and bigotry?

      Your views on religion are your own. But please, before you speak of your own version of ‘feminism and progressive thinking’ — take a look at what you’re defending in the first place..?

      Neither Farrah nor I will stand by “feminism and progressive thinking” that is just driven and motivated by stereotypes and bias.

      I’m sorry we disappointed, but I’m more sorry that you’ve forgotten what empathy and equality is.


    • Taraneh says:

      Hanna joon,

      I’ve lived in Iran and was born in the US and grew up there too. Your qualm from what I’ve gathered comes from the oppressive nature of Islamic countries — I think you need to divorce the actual religion from the governments that impose specific laws in order to oppress women. Being counted as half a man is unfair in this day and age but do you know how progressive it was at the time that it was presented? Also, you failed to mention the whole discussion of a woman’s right to her own land and dowry etc. That is an incredibly progressive and wonderful concept (initially) but has been corrupted and treated like a trade or “buying” a wife. I just think that your frustration is justified, especially since you have been exposed to a lot of oppression with the justification that it’s in Islam. I just think your view is flawed because you’re limiting your own perspective on Islam by viewing it through the very limited and subjective lens provided to you by the Islamic government you have loved under and resent so much.

      Maybe reevaluate- separate the religion from the government — your current perspective is perpetuating their control over you.

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