Your Mind Too Narrow, You Can’t Be Talking To Me

Hey joonams,

It’s been on a long week- but TANK YOU GOD that tomorrow is Friday.

Did you see how I used “God?” I MUST be an extremist… just kidding …

I grew up in a very different generation than my parents.

My father is an Atheist, my mom blames everything wrong with the world on religion – regardless of whether it’s Islam, Christianity, or Judaism.

But they were born into a Muslim family.  My family is Islamic historically.

My great-grandmother fasts, she covers her hair at all times, she doesn’t eat pork – she was also married off at age nine… but if you think that is what being Muslim means then you’re f#cking cray.

The only God I’ve ever prayed to is a God who would keep the nightmares about vampires away (Buffy the Vampire Slayer scarred me for life).

My mother taught me to hate Islam and I did.

For a long time, I believed that everything wrong with Iran is a result of Islam including (but not limited to), the ridiculous notions that a woman should cover her hair, marry at a young age, and be stoned to death.

The Islamic Revolution of Iran

But Islam isn’t the reason that “Islamic” countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia are so backwards… to the point where Saudi Arabia wont allow it’s women to drive/vote/wear what they want.

If you really believe that the “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Khamanei was chosen by a higher power, then you might as well believe that I, Farrah am a Virgin.

The oppressors of our culture use Islam as an excuse to maintain power.  They don’t act based on Islamic principles, they act out because they are power-hungry. These power-hungry fanatics are individuals.  

Do you think it’s easier to be diplomatic and democratic or easier to kill someone and be done with the “problem?”

Let me be very clear: I do not believe in Islam.  I do not agree with its principles.  But I also do not believe in Christianity nor do I believe in Judaism.

And while I don’t necessarily agree that the Quran is the ‘word of God,’ I think it’s unfair to blame the problems of our motherland to a specific religion.

People in the Iranian government use Islam as a justification/excuse to kill and oppress. Because if you’re doing it in the “name of God,” then it’s okay right?

Do you really believe that Muslims around the world are protesting at U.S. Embassies because Allah told them to?


Egyptians are uprising against the U.S. because for YEARS, the U.S. has been supporting the Mubarak regime – why? Because it was easier for the U.S. to support an oppressive dictator than to get involved and help the Egyptian people.

“This Anti Islam film isn’t the cause of the protests, it’s the pretext.  People don’t like America in Egypt.  Egyptians feel like support for the Egyptian Revolution (AKA ARAB SPRING) from Obama and America came too late.”  (SOURCE: NPR)

Oppression takes place in many different forms and it’s not possible to be blamed solely on Islam.

Because if that were the case —  if Islam is such a hateful religion then why have Egyptians elected an Islamic leader (Muslim Brotherhood) after years of oppression enforced by a horrible dictator?

Egypt is a country where people from various backgrounds and beliefs live among one another (Coptic Christians – just an example).

Bahrain has been in uprising for over a year.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed by the government and yet the U.S. has been supplying the Bahraini government with weapons for years.  (SOURCE: AL JAZEERA)

How do you think that makes the people feel?

And don’t forget — that “Anti-Islam” film made in America is connected to a Christian charity.

Look at Turkey, a secular country — that has more journalists imprisoned than both China and Iran COMBINED.  Are these people prisoners because Islam requires them to be?

We make the claim that here in the United States, we are secular, we don’t let religion interfere with politics yet our presidential candidates are criticized for not being “religious enough.”

Obama was accused of being Muslim just because he wasn’t your regular WASP-y GOP candidate.  Even Romney is criticized for being Mormon.  And yet one person has already said to me, “Better a Mormon in office than a Muslim.”

U.S. presidential candidates use their “faith” as a reason why you should vote for them.

“I believe in God therefore you should know that I am a GOOD person.”

How do you think Americans would react if an open Atheist ran for president? Would s/he even have a chance?

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants freedom of religion – the separation of church and state was first recognized by President Thomas Jefferson – but does all this really exist?

We claim to be so much better than the rest of the world—so free, so secular, yet the 2012 GOP convention ended in prayer.

How can you even make a claim that religion doesn’t play a big role in our society?  We may not stone our women, but are you making the assertion that women don’t get beaten or raped here?

At the end of the day, being Muslim, Christian, Bitch, Feminist, Jewish, Slutty, Good Girl – these are just labels.  People use their labels to define their actions.

–  “God told me to do this.”

–  “Well, I’m a good girl, that’s why I don’t kiss boys at clubs.”

–  “Allah said I have to come to this embassy.”

–  “I’m a bitch, so I am going to just tell her off.”

–  “Allah told me to whip the shit out of him for drinking alcohol.”

But we all live in the 21st century and we should KNOW better than to believe that our labels define us.

Oppression isn’t caused by a belief system – but people use it as a label to justify it.

And remember that religious interpretations come in many different forms.  We cannot make a general assumption of an entire population and assert that they are all the same.

Saaghi and I are representatives of the new Iranian American generation — but so are you no matter who you are or what you believe in.

We are not feminists.  We are not Islamists.  We are not sex fanatics.  We don’t believe in labels, but we believe that you should only be YOU – own your beliefs, fight for them, and respect others.






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  1. :) thank you.

  2. Billy Django says:

    Sad dar sad, jeegarak. :) Baat mawafegham.

  3. You gotta be kidding me! Of course Iran’s problems are due to Islam, if you disagree, please pick up a book and educate yourself. People who believe that are blind to the real problem that made Iran into IRI! Pre 1979 (aka pre IRI), things weren’t perfect, yes I agree, but things weren’t THIS bad. A country is only able to prosper if it is a SECULAR country, not a theocracy. Islam has totally fucked up our country. Take a good look at Sharia law and please try to back one aspect of it up if you can, there is no way to back up an archaic law. Iran is going downhill, and the only way to prosper is to get rid of Islam and become a secular country. It’s funny how those people who back up Islam are the ones who AREN’T in Iran and are living freely in another country.

    • Amen!!!!

    • so you’re saying that the government is following islamic law? that’s a load of crap. the government rules in accordance to a bastardized version of khomeini’s personal philosophies. perhaps you should pick up a book and educate yourself. Also, there are a lot of practicing Muslims IN Iran who oppose the government

      • Of course the government is following Islamic law, take a good look at Iran’s laws, they are Sharia law: stoning, covering yourself, women worth half of a man, etc. That’s not Khomeini’s personal philosophies, those are Islam’s, read the Quran if you don’t believe me. If Iran followed ANY OTHER religion, it wouldn’t be this fucked up. So what if there are Muslims in Iran who oppose the government? The problem is that Iran is a theocracy and religion is to blame, but any other religion would have been better than Islam.

      • Yes, because Sharia law is all about stoning and covering women. You’re no better than a Fox News anchor. It’s pathetic.

  4. Sharia law isn’t all about stoning and covering women, but it does include them. Islam is an extreme religion that can be described as misogynistic. Women have to cover themselves, women get half of the inheritance, men are the ones who can divorce, men are permitted to marry up to four women. Which other religion condones this? I have to say that I am anti-religion in general, not only anti-Islam, but Islam goes too far in its teachings.

    • 😊
      Islam is not all about covering and stoning .. You should read Quraan to know the real deal.

      I agree with Farrah that Islam has been deformed be governments in the middle east..
      It’s really a tolerable religion that honors women.. I’m not talking about voting or driving .. Since in many middle eastern countries women drive and vote like UAE,Oman, Joran, and the list goes on.
      There are verses in Quran that explicitly order the women to wear hijab.. The head cover. The cover is only when you are out where there are MEN who are not your father husband son or brother.. Otherwise you can wear whatever you desire
      As for the stoning it is the Quranic Punishment for commiting adultery for both men and women if they were already married .. Meaning if you are married to partner fully capable of satisfying you .. And you commited adultery you shall be stoned.. But after 4 full respected adult men see you with bare sight and testify in court  that you did..! It is not easy as you picture it,, we do not go stoning people in the streets.!!
      + If you are not married you won’t be stoned .. There are verses in Quran about the issue. Check it out.
      As for marriage there are no verses in the Qurran saying you should marry young.. It is a cultural thing.. Many generations ago it was Nationally OK And ACCEPTED for women to marry young regardless of the region or the religion.. And there are many  studies explaining what was accepted and when and how the marriage age increased. Now in the Islamic world , practicing the true Islam, women are educated to post graduate level.. Able to pursuit thier dreams.. No marriage required. 
      Take me as an example and all of my relatives and friends .. We are post graduate students in many fields working in a high payed jobs and continuing our studies.. And some of us not even considering marriage.

      The 4 women in marriage is true,, it is in the Qur’an.. BUT YOU are allowed to remarry if the wife has a defect or she is sterile. He can remarry because if divorced she won’t have anyone left to support her.. But if she is welling to leave him she certainly can divorce him. It is not right than the man is the only one who divorce the woman can to .. It is named “ismah”.
      In the marriage contract you as a wife can ask for it , I mean the right to devorce your self as long with many other things .e.g. You can Stipulate a monthly voyage to Paris and if he agrees it applies in the marriage contract and he has to do it.. An extreme example but I know some one who did it not to Paris but to Lebanon 😊
      There are no marriage without your consent and approval .. It is in Sunnah. 

      About the Sharia’a  inheritance law, it is right that women gets half the man’s.. This is only because a man is obligated  to provide for a woman. Whether as a wife, a mother, a daughter or a sister.. The Muslim man is religiously obligated to provide for his mother if his father is dead. And for his wife ; and daughter and sister if not marrid. This providing includes a decent place to live, the rent, grocery, water, electricity .. Education you name it.. All of your needs are granted.. In the range of his capability,, that’s way he (the man) gets it double because the other half he’ll spend on you (the women). 
      All of that is applyed Even if you have your own income.. Your money is only for your own personal usage..
      My mother and I are both working women and still my father payed for my telephone, wifi, medical insurance, education when I was a kid!!  In college the government payed me monthly.  :) and I have my own personal driver.. Transportation is procured too.

      I’m 23 employed woman blessed to be a true muslim.. Thanks to Allah I was born and bred  to a true Muslim comunity knowing and valuing women as  mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters..

      The only true way to know Islam is to read the Quran.. Leave your previous judgments out,, clear your heart.. Open the book and read.. This is the way..

      Qurran and Sunnah are the only legislative sources In Islam.. Do not be misslead by the currupted governments using Islam as a cover for thier actions.

      Thank you 🌷
      I hope it will help us all in reaching a better understanding of Islam

      Haifa a proud Muslim  

  5. escortdiary says:

    If oil was, for example, in excess under Indian soil, then Hinduism would be under attack. It is all political, and unfortunately, religion is interpreted for political motives.

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