Ayo, I’m tired of using Technology

Good morning.

Its technically my morning, because its 3:19 am, and I canNOT sleep. Blame it on the alcohol, that’s what I get for pounding those double-shot margaritas after work.

Drinking in college is for Fun. Drinking after work is for Sanity.

(of course i dont look this fab @ happy hour)

So what you do when you have alcohol-induced insomnia is try to load up on drunk food so you can fall into a carb-induced coma, but since my cabinets are empty and i only have some KALE in the fridge (who was I kidding when I went grocery shopping?)– I had to turn on the TV. and instead of turning on C-SPAN, I watched Sex and the City– SEASON ONE episodes.

& it provided me with some blogging inspiration: The evolution of technology, and how within 10 years– everything has changed. For better, or for worse.

There was a scene in the episode where Carrie and Big run into each other unexpectedly— though they’re in a relationship, and then casually say goodbye. In that moment, it hit me– neither of the two is exactly sure where the other is going, what they’ll be up to, and when they’ll see each other again.

Updates on status had to be given via a land line phone. Which means you had to be home. not mobile.

Or if Carrie had a moment of crisis (which she does in most episodes), she would have to wait until she got home, got to a payphone, so she could catch one of the girls at home, or in their office– tot talk it through. Or she could leave it for Sunday Brunch.

And to think that land lines and pagers and payphone were within my lifetime…well, it blows my mind.

THen it all hit me,

Technology has redefined personal space.  And our love lives.


Could you imagine being in a relationship with someone, and not checking in with them using various forms of technology?

Could you imagine not being a text, a tweet, a fbook chat away?

And finally, could you imagine getting to know someone– without kind of knowing everything about them already? (via fbook stalking, linkedin stalking <–my personal preference #classy, or google-ing?)

Our Personal Relationships are on Tech-ROIDS.

and sometimes its actually quite sabotaging. Its so much harder to be your own person and keep your calm if you’re constantly connected to a huge network of friends (real or cyber-ish real). & now expectations are through the roof.

Each of us are on call and reachable at all times, and so naturally, we expect the people we date to be responsive and consistent.

But, I don’t know if our emotions and feelings have evolved as fast as technology, and in such a standardized manner.  I like things instant, but I don’t think my id works that way.

On top of the minute-by-minute status update we get used to, there’s the information overload.  We can know so much about people, without even talking to them.  Profiles galore with lots of itty bitty details that in the past, you’d probably only find out by the third date.

So the expectation of constant, quick communication and the information overload creates the Paranoid, Spazzy Dater.

I’m not even hating, because I am GUILTY of being one. I get impatient if I don’t check my phone after awhile, and only for the sake of politeness do I fold my hands and restrain myself from diving for it on a date. But after a few hours, its like trying to keep a fiend away from the crack pipe.

And DOn’t even get me started on FBOOK STALKING. Even if you don’t want to do it, your friends PEER PRESSURE you or just straight up want to do it themselves.

“What’s his name? Let me look him up on fbook! Oh, he has mutual friends with. blblbalabl …OHHH is this the guy who dated blablabla”

Shit I really didn’t want to know about his exes before I met him. Goddamnit.

Sometimes I wish I could go on a date and actually recite all I know about the guy, before he opens his mouth. And if I’m more right than wrong, he buys me extra dessert.

I’ve come to the following conclusion:

Personal space and Privacy is dead. We Live in the Age of Preconceived Notions and Pre-existing Judgments.

So Carpe that fucking diem, but don’t forget to status update it.

cause Reza Shah Said so.


What do you think? Does Tech make your dating life better or worse?




paranoidSPAZZY for life.

SAAGHI  ساقی

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  1. Oh how I love your articles.

  2. so true! first of all, if it wasn’t for fb stalking, how do you think I’m reading your blog while I have to be working,lol! but you have a great point and that is the disappearance of personal space and data due to technology. don’t get me started on employers checking on applicants’ fb before hiring them and now everybody is paranoid about self-sensorship (not sure about spelling:). I don’t like the extent technology is invading our privacy, and sooner or later something has to be done about it, legally!
    great work, I was getting worried about you guys lately. seemed like you were getting out of material:))

  3. Okay personally, if i’m dating someone i stay away from their profile. I’ve only learned this cause i know people who have gotten hurt by this, a friend of mine found out this guy she was seeing was previously engaged – at 20. Yeaa she had stalked him to 3 months prior their relationship. Even though she tried to be casual and cool about it, it eventually came back and bit her in the ass… Hard. That’s why the only thing i check on a person i’m interested in is their profile picture and birthday. Anything else i’ll wait for him to mention, don’t get me wrong i’m all for the new age and technology, but there are lines that i don’t think we should cross. I think we’ll all learn how to adapt eventually :)

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