I Do It And It Feels Good

Hey joonies,

I feel like it’s been awhile — hasn’t it? i miss you all. Sitting here… cold… knowing that I should really go to the gym tonight. The gym is what allows me to eat the ridiculous way that I do. Cake, burgers, you name it.


Motivation #leggo

I spent most of my vacation being lazy and watching random TV shows – Downton Abbey, Blue Mountain State, and the infamous Dawson’s Creek (Dawson is such a pain).  Anyway, watching Dawson’s Creek just reminds me of high school … and how different my life was compared to them.

In high school, I wasn’t the top student… or the most devoted. I cut class – not to do anything fun in particular, but just because I had no hos. It’s funny how things change when you grow up.

And I definitely wasn’t what some people would consider “innocent.” Virgin or not – I still made it through third base by the time I was 16 – what’s considered for some people = normal. 

And watching Dawson’s Creek (don’t judge me) – these kids are 15 and they’re having their first kiss.  It makes me wonder…

Are you ever too young to have sex?

The answer might seem obvious to some – but when I was 15-16, I thought I was old enough to do these things and even more so, I was curious about it.  I wanted to know what the hype was about and frankly, I was growing up – experimenting.

use it

Looking back now, I think 16 is so young and when I think about how I felt doing it then — it was weird. Nothing ever really felt good… it just felt different and I remember thinking either “ow” or “this is uncomfortable.” 

It took a long time for messing around to actually stop feeling foreign and start feeling real.

I tend to think that maybe I was too young – maybe I wasn’t ready to have done all of that. But when I think of logistics and how I feel about everything now – starting young prepared me for it.

With everything comes experience and practice.

At 15/16, I was doing it out of curiosity and at 25, I do it because it feels good.

My most significant experience happened right after I turned 16. I went on a cruise with some family — an Andy concert cruise — so typical.

My cousin and I shared our own room, and were given the freedom to do whatever we wanted – because how much trouble can you really get on a cruise ship? (filled with Persian guys). The first night, we made friends with a group of boys who would hang out with us until 3 am every night.

Obviously, I took a liking to one of the guys – he was sweet, cute, and well it’s a cruise. So the make outs began…


The first time a guy went to third base on me (do we need clarification?), I kept thinking, this feels weird. I remember being told that third base feels amazing for girls and the entire time, I was focused on the fact that it just felt like someone was licking me and gross.  Cruise boy didn’t lack technique, I just lacked the experience to be able to enjoy it.

Optimism is a good quality, but realism is defining.

And it just isn’t realistic to think that your first time doing anything is going to automatically feel amazing — and if it does, then I hate you (just kidding, I’m always supportive). 

While I don’t think it’s necessary to start at 16, I think that practicing (whether on your own or with someone) is essential in determining what you like and what feels good for you. Because at the end of the day, everyone can use a little direction and if you want to have a successful “go at it” then you better be the best damn navigator (and encourager) there is.


All hail the finish line.

Granted, I still waited to have the sex – but that’s an entirely different story on its own.

I firmly believe in no regrets and while sometimes, I can’t believe the things I used to do — those moments are still important to me. Regrets should be viewed as lessons instead and while my actions were a little questionable then… they still mean something to me.

Plus, cruise ships are the ultimate hook up spot. For some reason the rocking ocean has a tendency to send people into bedrooms (that don’t belong to them). 

So what do you think joons — is it ever too young to have sex?






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