If All Else Fails, PLAN B.

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Have you noticed that I (Saaghi) haven’t blogged about sex in awhile? Or did you guys think I had somehow transformed into an asexual being…?

Well, joonies, I’ve been having lots of sex…with only one person. (Uh oh, you know what that means…) And as amazingly wonderful as the sex is, we recently hit something kind of like a hurdle…

A Broken Condom.

Or should I say a torn condom? Idk, whatever its called…it happened. and Bad news is, I’m not on birth control.

In fact, I’ve never been on birth control. While most of my friends started before they were even sexually active (for various other reasons), I never really needed to be on it. My skin was fine, my periods were regular, and I guess my hormones have always had their act together. And its a blessing because I don’t think I could really remember to take a pill everyday, no matter if I know how bad the consequences could be.

And when I did become sexually active, I tried to make sure the guy wrapped it up before anything happened. The first time I visited the gyno, she lectured me on all the different forms of Birth Control (BC) and how “just a condom” was still a risk. I just nodded, smiled, and threw the brochure away…

Maybe I’m ignorant but somehow, I don’t like the idea of putting hormones in my body and getting all crazy. Yet, am I fighting the inevitable?

After we had sex, and realized the condom was broken, it was an automatic “OH shit!”..followed by a “Need to get PLAN B“.

Just as I have never taken BC before, I have also never taken Plan B. When we walked into CVS, and the Pharmacist asked What he could help us with…

I just started giggling.

Out of awkwardness, and out of confusion. I knew I had to take the pill, but I was trying to understand what had led me there…other than Sex. I mean I get it..Sometimes sh!t happens, and you have to go with the flow. And that’s what Plan B is for.

But it also dawned on me that I could be taking some risks that weren’t necessary.

I’m not ready to be anybody’s Mommy Joon.

But I also am not DOWN to take Plan B when there’s a slip-up. Because what unfolded the next few weeks after I took it were:

– Extreme Nausea. 

I mean the sight and smell of some things just made me gag. And vomitting (ewww)

– Hunger and Cravings.

Coupled with Nausea, it was hell! I wanted Classic Lays Potato Chips, but then after a few I’d get nauseous. Then I’d crave Ghormeh Sabzi..and repeat.

– Emotional Roller Coaster.

Joonies, I’m not kidding. I wanted to rent a chick flick just so I could cry. WTF? I hate chick flicks. Oh and I also wanted to bitch everyone out at work. I think I bitched out a few friends on gChat…not gonna lie.

– Back Pain

It feels like its going to be that time of the month…oh BUT IT’S NOT. And you continue to keep thinking its coming, when its just your body playing tricks on you.

I finally went to the Doctor after a few days of these symptoms, and she said it was totally normal. And then I took a pregnancy test…

and I’m not going to be a Mommy Joon. so that’s great.

But Plan B did its job, while wreaking lots of fucking havoc on my body. So I don’t know whether to say Thanks, or F#ck you?

Part of your sexual behavior is always going to be mirrored after what you’ve seen growing up. Its disgusting, but its true. My mom never took birth control, and she rarely ever talked to me about contraceptives. When she did, it was always:

“If he wants you enough, he’ll put a condom on”

So for my mom, Condoms = Respect. And for me it kinda does too…I know it feels better without one, but I also don’t want to pump hormones in my body.  On the other hand, playing this game– I could have to take Plan B again.

I’m still torn on what to do. My body is important to me, and I want to make an educated decision for it, not just one for the sake of Pleasure or for Convenience.

So what do you guys think, is it time to get on that Birth Control track or are Condoms just as safe?





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  2. I’m so glad you wrote about this! I often complain that there are not any decent options for BC and it’s always the woman’s responsibility except for condoms. That being said, hormonal BC is awesome! It doesn’t necessary have to be the pill, there is the ring thing that’s changed every 3 weeks and the IUD. Besides, if you find you don’t like it, you could always go off of it. The pill has come a long way since the 70’s.

  3. hey I love reading your blog! But stay natural! I also don’t use BC because quite frankly anything that doesn’t let you have a period once a month seems against the natural laws of Mother Nature. Of course plan B is too! But I need my monthly period to cleanse my body of intoxins its a healer for me and it is a a natural cycle. I tok abide by the condom rule! Respect is condom. But when I had my regular partner or my boyfriend we would use the sponge! Look it up. In combination of knowing my own body’s ovulation cycle , wearing the sponge, and pull out method , we were able to have unprotected sex without a slip up. Don’t forget there is diaphragms too which are non invasive and not oral methods of BC. My ame’s also wanted me on birth control even before I was having sex, just in case I’m tempted… Bullshit! I encourage you joon. Besides all that birth control hormones build up in your body and I can’t imagine that being any good for the ovaries and eggs once you do want to conceive . Be well .

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