Don’t you know that you’re toxic?

Hi Joonies.

Every time I blog, I rack my brain of something really witty to start a post off with. I can’t say it ever really works, but I’m just going to leave it to someone waaay more talented to give me an intro:

There are three things I value most in life:

1. My Family

2. Flaming Hot Cheetos

3. My Friends, a.k.a. Meth

(Sorry guys, Chester Cheeto has been there for me through errrthang)

I have all different sorts of Meth –tall, short, persian, not persian, etc. I love them all to pieces. And they’re all different types of crazy.  But what I’ve learned the hard way is:

Crazy is a much better adjective than Toxic.

I’ve had a few of those Poisonous Frenemies in my life, and I’m sure I’ll come across a few more. Unfortunately, it is the curse of friendship, you get a few bad eggs every season. Now, I have to point out that the difference between a BAD friend and a Toxic friend is very clear:

A Bad Friend is bad at friendship, a toxic friend makes friendship bad for you.

A Bad Friend is:

– Unreliable, Flaky, Selfish, A bad listener & Oblivious

But they’re not malicious. A bad friend is that one friend you have that you know

always talks about herself and her problems, and looks off into the sky when it is your chance to talk.

I usually have bad friends out of unfortunate or forced circumstances: work, family, mutual connection etc.

A Toxic Friend is:

– Jealous, Competitive, Insecure, Unhappy & Conniving

If a person possesses 4/5 above qualities, you won’t catch me near them–even with a ten foot pole.

Misery loves company, and those people really want you to join them.

Unfortunately, I think girls tend to find this toxicity in their friendships more often because of the nature of how we interact.

This one toxic friend I had told me once “It is an animal world, and you have to have your claws out”

We were 18 at the time, and I should’ve known better than to stick around after that Machiavellian reference. But I didn’t. And before I could even figure out where my claws were,

She had snatched up my ex. Hooking up with him less than a month after we had ended things.

Another one of my old toxic pals was extremely insecure. And her insecurity only seemed to go away when she was pointing out my flaws… in public aka in front of others.

Oh did you gain weight? Are you sure that dress is flattering? OMG, the hair on your arms! …..

For years, the opinions just kept coming and in front of others I felt demeaned and disrespected. Half the time I wanted to say:

Bitch, shut up.

But the other half the time, I believed her. And that’s why it was Toxic.

When I talk to my guy friends about these experiences, they don’t understand why I didn’t just flip her off and walk away? Girls’ Friendship is more complicated then that–

We tend to see so many different sides of our friends; and oftentimes, when we like one side, we stick around and deal with the other ugly ones.

That’s my two cents on it for the time being, until I come across some more toxic creatures.

Now, it’s…

Got any TOXIC stories to share?




been to Toxic-rehab and loving it,

SAAGHI  ساقی

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  1. From now on whenever I get asked to sit down and have a cup of chai and get asked, “Why does she/he do this”, “I don’t understand their problem”. I am going to direct them to this post for clarity. I think that makes me a bad friend buy hey…


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