The ManWhore

Joonies – we’re introducing our lovely Egyptian writer Yasmine. Yasmine’s a reader, political thinker, and an-all around intelligent woman. Enjoy!

I recently had a conversation with a guy who thought he was being smart when, as he complained about his love life, exclaimed,

“Each time I run into one of these whores and she acts like she doesn’t know me, I just want to tell her, ‘bitch I’ve seen you naked!’”

My eyebrows may have well reached my hairline in shock as I sat listening to this buffoon complain about the amount of “cheap lays” he encountered. Had I been able to get a grip on my nerves, I would have told him that any girl in her right mind would certainly have full rights to disown him. More importantly however, I would have asked him a question that I feel ought to be asked to be generally addressed by many of us…

how do we find it acceptable to refer to women as whores within a conversation in which a male speaker demonstrates obvious whorish tendencies?

I hear many guys boast about their sexual records and each time I find it hard to understand how they have the guts to then call women whores.


 I am quite sure that many of you have overheard conversations with similar lines to the one above. Moreover, the Internet is flooded with “bitches (and hoes) be like” memes. Facebook too, continues to harbor many “hoe detection” pages. So why is it that men can admittedly boast of a hundred plus affairs and get away with it?

Worse still, when the word “manwhore” is used, it is often said in a teasing tone meant to enforce the impressiveness of the man’s sexual accomplishments.

And this, on another level and as many of you may all be aware, has a huge impact on our dating life.

toy story

While I cannot speak for many cultures outside my own, I can tell you that many Arab men won’t marry non-virgins or even women with the slight “experience.”

So while the rest of us worry about disclosing information about past intimate experiences, our dates can happily get us acquainted with the hottest women they “banged.” Safe to say, that’s why many first dates gone terribly wrong.

I could write volumes about the prevalence of numerous types of sexism within all societies, Western, Eastern, left, right and center.

I have issues with the usage of the word “whore” in reference to women. Why not men?

Well, precisely because it’s about time we start calling men who practice this type of double standard “manwhore” without cringing.





YASMINE یاسمین

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  1. It’s sheer hypocrisy.
    It’s bigoted.
    These men hate women. They hate us and we are second class citizens.

  2. I love how you’ve gone international, with your last post on Amina and Aliaa and this one. Keep’em coming!

  3. Masihpour says:

    Sex isn’t a crime.
    Women aren’t criminals for having sex.
    How dare men criminalise women for making love?
    It’s a sick mind that sees making love as a cause for punishment or stigma.

  4. lol, we could also stop calling people whores in general… there’s a thought.

  5. A human being says:

    Why can’t women just ‘be’?
    Why can’t we just live how we want, be free from our every action, feeling, outfit being politicised by religion, society, culture, men.

    I just wish people (men & those who uphold patriarchal status quo) could just mind their own business.
    Respect common humanity before enforcing invented, socialised gender.


  1. […] me confess, I have had a problem lately with the kind of men I attract; you may have seen my Manwhore piece a few weeks back. Add a few variations of this type and this had pretty much been the kinds of guys […]

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