Ari Melo: Make the Girls Say Hello

I interviewed Ari Melo about a year after I had started listening to him, and the first thing I wanted to tell him was “Thanks for helping me stay on the treadmill longer with your song “Breakaway” . Its just one of those tracks that you want to keep listening to, because every few seconds it takes you for a different ride. And all his tracks (see below) are available for a free download because he’s just that generous with the eargasms.

Ari Melo, also known as Arian, is a pretty mellow (random as he calls himself) guy. He loves his sister,  can speak computer code — and counts dancing as one of his favorite things to do. 

Overall, he’s one of those guys you meet and know that even when he makes it big, he’ll still shimmy at the Persian mehmoonis.

xx, Saaghi
ari melo wall

– Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m Iranian-American, born and raised in San Jose and just recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz.

Growing up, I was a very active kid—curious about everything! I was into sports from a young age and I played soccer for most of my life although I really love hockey.

– How’d you get started in music?

I started messing with music, making playlists and burning them on CDs when I was 16. At 18, I was producing/creating my own hip-hop beats. Through a family friend, who managed Bay Area hip hop artists, I got connected to a local producer who showed me the ways.

I would say I’ve started taking it seriously for the past two years, and have moved onto doing more Pop, EDM, House and Electro tracks. I like doing my own rendition of well-known songs.

– You played sports for a long time before you picked up music. Do you see any similarities between that and music?

Yeah, definitely.

You have to be dedicated if you want to be good at it. If it’s a hobby to you, then it’ll remain a hobby.

I have a short attention span, and sports and music will always grasp my attention. I won’t put anything in the way of that.

– Any pressure from family while you were in school or now?

A lot of pressure, and it started from freshman year of college. Even when I was just messing with music, it was still… be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer.

The pressure just increased, as did the time I spent on music. They never really support me doing music as a full time job, they say ‘its more like a hobby.’ And it gets to you a little bit, but maybe now that I’m a little older, I put up walls.

They think that if they see me making music, in a one bedroom or a studio, that I’m not happy. They think you need a good paying job etc., to be happy.

But if you can accept the standard of living that goes with what you want. Then you’ll be good.

ari melo hello

– What influences your music?

A lot of things do, but don’t know if this is in Persian blood, I like a lot of things that are uptempo and have a lot of percussion. Also, Latin music – the drum patterns really influence me. I love dancing so anything that can get me going.

When I left to Santa Cruz for school, I found a lot of people who liked music and Dub Step was picking up at the time. I like Skillrex a lot, everything that he puts out is cool. My number one influence is Congorock, an artist I saw at Beyond Wonderland about two years ago, particularly his song ‘One’.

Sound itself is the most powerful. Hearing is the most powerful sense that humans possess, if you watch a scary movie in mute you wouldn’t be scared.

– What Persian artist is most memorable to you?

Andy, I saw him down in LA when I was 12. He’s like the Elvis in the Persian community.

– Persian girls?

My ex girlfriend was Persian, before her I told myself I’d never date one because of all the stereotypes. And my parents are very different, they’re a bit white-washed and I never really had many Persian friends.

I have met Persian girls that are cool, and care more about content than superficial things.

I did go through a phase where I hung out with a lot of Persian people, and they loved dancing which was great for me. They would let me dance with them, do a little shimmy…

ari melo make the girls

– Would you consider yourself a doodool tala?

I probably am, I’m the only son in my family, my Mom holds me like a prized possession. She wants me to end up in the right places, and she definitely pampered me when I was a little kid.

– Three things you value most in life?

Health, Music, Friends &Fmaily

You’re a product of your own environment, and if you can surround yourself with good people , you’ll end up in good places. My sister has been the positive light in my life, and has supported everything and helped me get to my goals.

– Where was your first job?


– What? Really?

Yeah I had a contracting job at 17 years old and you’re supposed to be 18 to work there. I’m a bit of a computer nerd, my dad’s friend worked there and they had updated this new program they had, and I was actually the manager for a few people.

It kinda made me learn that its about experience you have in the field versus just reading about it.

– I know I’ve made it if… I’ve DJed at my first rave.

– I love my Persian dad because… we think the exact same way.

– One night stands?

I love em.

But you have to be really comfortable with someone.

– How do you like your fessenjoon?

With sex on the side.







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