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Shout out to our guest blogger today, Josh Shahryar – he’s a total joon. 

Hey Joonz,

Yeah, I’m on S&F!


Moving on.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written an analysis on the political situation in Iran. I know, there was a time when I would write 6,000+ words just to smack a troll around. (click here for the article)


But then I got tired of the mess that amounted to nothing.


I’ll be honest, in the past two years or so, I haven’t published any political analyses on the political situation. I’ve decided to expend my energies on covering human rights violations and trust me…

… writing about human rights for me is no joke…


drankBut mostly just,


So yeah, not much time left to write anything about pure politics. This morning, however, an old friend messaged to inform me that I could no longer be an Iran expert unless I wrote a prediction of the outcome of the elections.

That dude pissed me off so bad, I was all:


It’s not that I haven’t been reading the analyses and the predictions, but I haven’t said anything about them because they make me want to maim and kill people.


So after this guy’s provocation, I could either rage/quit or produce some quality sh*t, so prepare yourselves because…


My Iran Election prediction is…

… Wait for it…



Don’t expect these elections to change anything no matter who wins.

– The sanctions will stick around,

– The nuclear program will continue,

– Green Movement members will continue lingering in prisons,

– The people of Iran will continue to suffer,

– The war-mongers will continue beating their drums,

– Khamenei will continue to rule…

And if you think things will change, you probably voted for this guy, too:






Josh جاش

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  1. This is not a prediction. It looked to me as pouring salt on a wound (several wounds in this case)..

  2. John Tillinghast says:

    Nila and Shahryar,

    I keep trying to remember this myself:

    “Being impatient or angry at suffering does not remove it. On the contrary, it adds a little more to one’s trouble, and aggravates and exacerbates a situation already disagreeable. What is necessary is not anger or impatience, but the understanding of the question of suffering, how it comes about, and how to get rid of it, and then to work accordingly with patience, intelligence, determination and energy.”

    Maybe Shahryar is right, and thinking about the elections is pointless. Maybe he is wrong, and the outcome of these elections will affect the course of Iran’s history in a way that depends on the choices of activists. But it’s important to be able to discuss the question.

  3. sohrab esfandiar says:

    Cheel out dude. Obama isn’t half as bad as any of the guys in Iran. Tone down the cynicism, add a little seeing things as they actually are, take 2 advil and call me in the morning after Jalili/Ghalibaf wins.


  1. […] and make sure you follow my colleague, Josh Shahryar, as he also compiles reports on the fantastic S&F […]

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