Iranian Election Aftermath: A GIF Special

Hey Joonz,

Since I wrote the prediction for the election, Farrah joon and Shima joon thought I’d write something on the aftermath and I can’t turn down other joonz, you know that.

Here’s how the election went for me.

When voting began in Iran election, I was all,

Even as Twitter was going berserk with link-baiters, retweets and favorites anything and everything green or purple, and with internal fighting over who said what, I simply didn’t care.

And I shit you not, every time I went on Twitter, Saeed Jalili’s face greeted me with how he was winning…

And all those correspondents in Tehran talking about how people were going out to vote and change things…

Then all the drama from American journalists who’ve never followed Iran talking about the election… ughhh

And DC wonks shilling…

And then the racist crowd screaming about why everyone was talking about Iran and America should just bomb it… I felt all,

But as ambivalent as I was, it was really hard to see some of my friends hurting and I couldn’t do anything to make them feel better…

I mean, really, the people I’ve come to love and call friends for years now, tweeting about how they couldn’t take it anymore… how the regime was using the elections for its own purposes… I just felt for them, I mean,

And the progressed with all this drama,

And whether I liked it or not, I was watching the election unfold, so what if I had to put up with some bullshit,

And then news came that early results showed Jalili lagging badly – the dude who everyone thought was Khamenei’s pick. Strange…

Then more news that Jalili was definitely not in the running in the early results and it was gonna be Ghalibaf and Rouhani… Wait, did Khamenei’s pick just go down in flames?

And then more news that Ghalibaf was trailing the centric Rouhani and I was like, “It’s just early results, bro…”

And then more results and more results and more results and Ghalibaf was definitely trailing Rouhani badly… And a friend called me all panicky about it,

But I was all,

But he was all, “NO, MAN, ROUHANI IS WINNING!!! FOR REALZ! IT’S HAPPENING!!!” But I told him,

And then he told me to go check the numbers so I did and,

But I was still skeptical. I didn’t want to be all, “He gonna win, baby!” and get people depressed afterwards. Khamenei still had a chance to be sneaky. No chances, “maar gazeda az reesmaan mitarsa!” (Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me)

So inside I was,

But outside I was all,

And decided it was time to go to bed and leave the rest to the powers that be,


Then, I woke up and saw the news. Rouhani was prez!!! At first I couldn’t believe my eyes,

And read more news to confirm it really had happened, and it had!

And more!!!

And some more!!!

And then I went to talk to my Iranian friends,

It started like this,

But quickly turned to this…

And then the weight of the last four years finally made it become a little too much for us to bear,

But it didn’t matter because Rouhani is president now. And maybe he isn’t the best guy for the job, at least there’s a flicker of hope here…

And at the end of the day, we’ll love each other no matter,

And after the high was done, life is back to normal…





JOSH جاش

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  1. he asked for the death penalty for student protesters in 1999- why is his election good news or a flicker of hope?

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