Waxing My Moustache…

Hey guys,

I feel really spoiled, I’ve had two vacations back to back. And I really didn’t hold back on the vacationing — eating, sleeping, relaxing!

So I can’t start off the post with a whining monologue. Sad.

Crater Lake - taken by yours truly.

Crater Lake – taken by yours truly.

On the more nature-y family vacation, I was hiking with my brother when he decided to point out that I was embracing nature a little too much.

“Are you going to take care of that?” He said that, pointing to my upper lip.

Given that it was my younger brother and there was no eyecandy in sight, I didn’t feel too much shame. I told him OBVIOUSLY I’d take care of it.

“I just wanna make sure, ya know– like that you know”

I’ve known all my life, thank you very much, that thanks to my heritage I have moustache fuzz, and sideburns.  And from the moment I was old enough (11yo), my mom took me to get threaded, waxed, plucked — claiming that facial hair made girls look “dirty”. And soon enough, I was old enough to operate a waxing box kit myself, and I took to waxing EVERYTHING but my eyebrows. Then, in case I missed any, I would JOLEN IT (bleach).


Call it an OCD, I call it Hygiene.

Any Persian girl that has the hairy gene, knows : Wax it, Pluck it, Bleach it. Get rid of it.

I’ve come to accept that this will forever be a part of my beauty routine.  Just like my Brazilian, and my underarms. Once a month – at least- it has got to get done.

Body hair removal is a coming-of-age thing. The obvious choice for girls, because they have hair growing in places they “shouldn’t be”.  A razor, honey wax, and a tweezer– they’re all a benchmark for your youth, just like the first time you realize pads aren’t diapers and tampons aren’t plugs.

However, with being Persian and living in an all-sefeed (white) community, I felt a lot more self-conscious about my body and facial hair. This is probably why I’m such a Maniac about getting rid of it all.  I didn’t wear T-shirts in middle school, unless my arms were waxed, and when the hair was regrowing– I’d go back to the long sleeves, even in 80+ degree weather. I examined my moustache everyday to make sure nothing showed, and would even test it under different lighting.

I was 13, and it was my worst nightmare to have one of my classmates point out that I was hairy – or that I was a boy because my face had hair on it.

(P.S. It really is amazing how much your childhood shapes you)

Over the years, I’ve gotten better about being more carefree about it. This is mostly thanks to my group of friends, who are not only more diverse, but are way more laissez-faire about their body hair. “Shave your legs? –uh, are you wearing a skirt?” (If its not too bad, you could probably still brave it out if its dark).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pretty OCD. But I figure life’s too short to spend it in the bathroom with some wax strips.





SAAGHI  ساقی

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  1. SHANAYNAY says:


  2. :D I feel less alone…

  3. Taraneh says:

    Saaghi joon —

    I know the pain (literally).

    I found out there is a really old way people in Iran kept from growing hair — there are 2 ways, one is a something you can get from the attari and the other is a whole process where essentially you rub ant eggs on the baby and they never grow hair there!

    How much it works or not, I don’t know, but since I’m craycray about khorafaati crap I’m sold on it already.

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