Damn Girl, You’re so Bangable

Some time ago, I came across a tweet, apparently one of the most re-tweeted under the hash tag #EndSH (Translation: End Street Harassment), that said something like, “Idiots out there have ruined opportunities for the rest of us, you can’t approach a girl nowadays without being accused of catcalling.

catI hear my guy friends making similar complaints all the time, and I find it odd; I always ask the same question:

How does approaching a woman you find interesting come close to yelling obscene commentary about her body out loud as she walks by?

Surely, if you are approaching a woman in the normal, non-creepy way, you won’t resort to saying things like “nice ass!” Moreover, you probably wouldn’t, or shouldn’t keep talking if she expresses outright discomfort.

There is a huge difference between approaching a woman to strike a conversation and catcalling/ harassment. Striking a conversation is largely about consent, catcalling isn’t, along with making an idiot out of yourself and risking a serious ass-kicking.

Most of us nowadays are growing fed up with being told how “bangable” our bodies are.

cThat said, I still have another problem.

Again, I see women complaining all the time about how no guy will approach and express how impressed he is by their amazing personality, or kickass career, or basically any characteristic impossible to discern when meeting someone for the first time.

It really is unrealistic to assume that any man will see right past my face to my 3.8GPA.

What any person will learn and therefore love about their partner comes as a result of some first conversation that is often incited by physical attraction.

So, there is a fine line between a compliment and a catcall. This is the reason so many anti-harassment movements/ organizations are careful to chose slogans like, “catcalling is not a compliment” in order to stress the fact that no consent exists in the case of harassment, thus accounting for escalations of the situation into physical assault.

shNo compliment in its normal sense will ever end in rape.

When it comes to talking about street harassment or catcalling, it is always a mistake to assume that both women and men don’t know the difference between the two.

On the flip side, it is equally foolish to deny the fact that physical attraction is important, when it is approached with responsibility and consent from the person you are approaching.





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  1. TuPadre says:

    ladies don’t smoke..

  2. “So, there is a fine line between a compliment and a catcall.”

    also known as game vs. feminism.

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