Persian House Rules


I recently left my job, and while I’m in pursuit of my next ‘career move’…I had to give up the independent woman lifestyle for the wonderful experience of moving back in with my Persian parents.

And you know, I shouldn’t complain because there are a slew of things I no longer have to worry about: Laundry, Groceries, Mail, my Freedom…

It feels like I’m back at square one a little bit.

My mother is delighted, of course. “I got my dautter back!”

oonja digeh koja bood rafteh bodi?”  Trans. Where the hell was that you were living anyway?

“Dokhtar bayad pisheh madaresh basheh” Trans. Daughters should stay with their mothers.

She seems to think it is now our opportunity to reconnect, as best friends.

I refuse to tell my mom my secrets, even if I feel Slave to her  Ghormeh Sabzi and laundry Skills.

It goes without saying, that my dad isn’t as excited.

He’s worried I’m going to like it at home so much I’ll never leave.

Because when I got a job right outta college, he was like…


And the news that I was coming back, he handled…not so well. He tried to play it cool, and really “welcome” me back….

and my dad sends me job postings like…you know you wanna go back to work ;)

Of course, thankfully, I’m not living with the two cray characters on my own. My younger brother, who is attending college, still lives at home as well.  But sometime’s we’re on two different planets (and schedules). He’s still a teenager, and well…I think that in an of itself is self-explanatory.

He thinks slang words can substitute the real English language.

And he’s usually MIA — because he’s “Studying”….riiight. I went to college, I know all about what that means to kids these days.

My parents also have a new policy they’re implementing, called “chores”.

Never had those growing up because studying was my chore, but now that I have “nothing to do” (looking for a job? whaa? psht.) — I have to earn my food and lodging.

I cook, I wash dishes, I water plants. I secretly believe they’re training me to be wifey material because…

“Since the job thing didn’t work out, maybe we should give this marriage thing a go?”



And my friends try to put a positive spin on it all. Which I don’t blame them for…

Honestly, Someday…

I just need a minute.




That Post grad lifeee,

SAAGHI  ساقی

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  1. Sha Sha Savy says:

    I appreciate all the Kanye photos Saaghi, guesss he’s a GeneAss afterall!!!!! Great post, feel your pain always and forever!!!!!

  2. Taraneh says:

    Saaghi joon,

    I would think your dad would be psyched to have you in the house to keep close tabs on you — my dad is so reluctant to let any one of us move out (And I’m the only girl..).

    Go shopping with your mom to satisfy her BFF bonding you. She’ll be too distracted to ask about your life.

  3. Saghi Jaan,
    baba be at ease, this shall pass, try to see it as what it is, a process, which you will surpass. Just remember that our folks will not live for ever nor will we so enjoy the ride. There is joy to be found as I am certain you do in some of the mentioned as well as what is not said here.
    Don’t settle for the ordinary. Perhaps you might be one of the extraordinary ones.
    PS : is love the embedded graphics.

  4. you know what? you’re awesome anyways…I can understand that overwhelming feeling of moving back with persian parents or simply going on a vacation and staying with them whole summer while you’re not really working . BUT maybe you should just take the time to relax a bit and find what you’re made to’re like carrie from sex and the should write for vogue!


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