Whips and Chains Excite Me


Trying to keep it chill tonight because it’s f#cking Monday. Whatever I get it, you can’t stay in bed all day everyday. Cool.

I feel like talking about sex tonight. I know, gosh how many more times can I talk about it? Endless. I think I learn something new about sex everyday – for example, sometimes it’s not as great as the vampire sex on TV, but… that’s why we have drunk sex.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I prefer not being the boss in the bedroom (click here). I like when a man knows what he wants… because that’s when he really feels like a man. (sexist comment… it’s how I feel).


Gender roles can be sexy in the bedroom (but leave them tied to the bed posts please).

Just to warn you all – this is about to be a deep dark secret kind of night. This has been a new thing for me – experimenting with sex and realizing that I suddenly have options that I’d never considered before – either from being too embarrassed to or just not being creative enough.

Missionary can be done like this too?!

I was trying something new with someone I was very attracted to. And that was that. There weren’t any emotions and I thought it was the perfect situation – no attachments, no embarrassment – no aberoo, ya feel me – and yes yes, same guy from previous posts.

It was really working out for awhile until things went too far. I showed up on his doorstep one night, after weeks of planning – I had finally forced myself to shave my legs, spray perfume where I generally don’t, and wear some uncomfortable, lacy g-string thing.



The second I stepped through his door, he placed a blindfold over my eyes. I was used to the blindfold honestly – he whipped that shit out the first night. Plus I’d already figured out a way I could peek through the bottom (hehe). Normally, this would be the moment where we would start – he’d either pick me up or we’d go on the couch. Nothing too crazy. 

But the blindfold wasn’t the feature performance that night. The rope was.

I felt him tie my hands together… tight. I couldn’t get out of the rope and even when I tried, he wasn’t too happy about that. It was part of the game — part of him having control and power over me. He was basically treating me like I was his sex puppet and he was my master. The dominance thing was heightened to another level.

It wasn’t just about spanking or pulling my hair, it was about overpowering me.

I was the helpless little lamb. The damsel. That was the role I was playing in this fantasy.

It was a slow night – I asked him to stop every five to ten minutes because too much at once was too intense for me to handle. I left his apartment that night and felt a little shaky. I didn’t really understand why because I never felt scared or unsure of my safety.


The next (and last) time we hooked up, it was awkward. Nothing was (luckily) extreme about the last time we saw each other, but things were so off from the crazy night that it meant for some really uncomfortable re-positioning.

The thing about experimenting is that sometimes it’s not easiest with someone you don’t have an emotional connection to. I thought that it would make the sex fantasies less awkward, but in reality…

You never establish solid trust with someone you only have a physical connection with.

If this guy had been someone I was committed to or cared about, then maybe I wouldn’t have been so freaked out afterwards. And even if you do get freaked out, you can laugh it off with someone you have substance with.

I probably need to have some emotional sex ASAP before I forget how to do it.

Keep the drunk sex for the randoms. And the crazy sex for the keepers.






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  1. Billy Django says:

    Oh hm…

    • Billy Django says:

      Also, yes. Definitely. BDSM actually works on trust. You can’t give yourself away like that or take someone like that without them trusting you fully. Otherwise… Idk, it doesn’t work out. #personalexperience #slut #divoonehpisar

  2. sohrab esfandiar says:

    But the thing is…you’d be too embarrassed with someone you felt feelings for. Most people would.


    • If you’re too embarrassed to let your freak flag fly a little with someone you care for, that’s probably not the right person for you. Of course you’re not pulling out all the stops on the first go round, but there should be a running dialogue about sex and what ideas/fantasies excite each of you. Better to let it out in the open in a safe environment because it WILL come out in some manifestation. Fantasies/fetishes/turn ons typically don’t go away unless something horrible happens.

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