Finding Girls in a Foreign Place

Hello bacheha!

I need to pick your brain about dating white girls.

So far, there’s been so many cultural differences that I’ve experienced living in Canada; like, I got totally baffled when to say hello to people and when to not! I find it ironic that people say “good morning” in the streets and some don’t even reply to my “hello” in  the same class (it’s not like I’m hitting on them, I just like to be friendly)!

So I kinda lost my confidence when I try to make a conversation with white people, even though they are pretty friendly and warm (not always of course).


Well, I’d better give you some details about myself; I’m in my early twenties and brown like most Persians, with big light brown eyes, a button nose and peculiar Persian eyebrows (not that bushy)! I’m  fit as a fiddle (I’m a badass triathlete) working out twenty plus hours weekly to race. But I’m such a wimp when it comes to asking white girls out!

Even though they sometimes come to me and start a conversation like “wow, you swim so fast” blab blab blab! Here are other things you should know:

First, I don’t have so many chances to meet white gals because I work in my lab reviewing papers, and doing experiments 9-5 pm. If I can find some time, I would rather scoot to the university’s pool for a swim or go for a run! Actually, that’s the best part of my day to take my mind off those friggen papers! I’ve approached girls in the pool before – introducing myself, et.c and usually the first question that comes up is “where you from” and well, you know the story…

What do you think is the first picture that comes to mind when you hear that somebody is from Iran?

Probably not this...

Probably not this…

I feel like girls always step back when they hear what my nationality is (but this is still under investigation).

Also most of my peers are either Chinese or Persians! (why not dating Persians? That’s another story)! Lastly, I’m not that witty when blathering in another language because of the cultural differences! White people do not get the drift of our jokes, and vice versa! Admittedly, I’m lousy at hitting on girls in my native language let alone in English… as my second language.

My roommate made the suggestion to go to a club, dance a little, and get some numbers. I don’t believe that you can find a girlfriend in a club or pub! But, I gave it a shot desperately and this is what happened at the club:

It was Friday night and I was with my two friends. Every time I asked a girl to dance, they said “not gonna happen?” 

What did they think was going to happen by dancing with me? Did they think that I was just going to pick them up and take them to my place? I’m not dying for a hook-up. I want to find a long term relationship!


So please help me out! Is the best way to meet girls by lining up at these clubs? Given the cultural differences, how can I meet some girls and ask them out (so they will say yes)?

I know the routines for asking somebody out back in Iran, but I am a little afraid that it’s not the same here! What should I do?





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  1. escortdiary says:

    The preference for whiteness is a massive inferiority complex.

  2. PersianGal says:

    I always wondered why is that persian guys try SO HARD to date white girls ..But they ALL complain about how hard it is to pick them up, the lack of cultural similarities, and a list of other qualities that white girls lack. HOWEVER, they will do ANYTHING to date a white girl AND avoid dating persian girls.. I don’t it =/ #soconfused.

    I think you’re looking for a needle that’s 100% NOT in there. Try your luck with a persian girl who ACTUALLY worships ghormesabzi and understands why your mom calls you everyday just to ask what you ate.

    but then again we can’t tell you who to love so best of luck with your quest for barbie :)

  3. Charlotte says:

    I sort of have to agree with PersianGal- Why do you even care where your girlfriend comes from? Try to get to know somebody nice who is relaxed and openminded because a person who thinks that being Iranian is weird is just a waste of your time, right?
    Don’t narrow your search down to “white girls” only.

    I am European dating an Iranian and I totally fell in love with not only my boyfriend, but also with ghormesabzi, fessenjoon and my adorable Iranian family in

    I adore the parts of Iranian culture that I have been exposed to, but I really wouldnt care if my boyfriend was German, American, French, Arab or whatever. It just does not matter.

    And it really shouldnt matter to you, because in the end you probably wouldnt want your mum to meet somebody who is not even willing to learn a bit of farsi, right?

    Good luck with the search for Mrs. Right ;)

  4. I don’t date white girls and I’m white. Not worth the hassle, and no offense to white girls, but every white girl that has been interested in me has been a little nuts. To your quandary, if you’re to looking for Persian girls, try another culture with similar values, Latin, Indian, etc. heck, even Italians (like myself) get down on some serious food and family bonding.

  5. ghormesabzi says:

    I have this dilemma every single i want to introduce myself to a european/american (i.e white) girl. Well I am iranian (born and raised) but for some reason judging by look and accent apprently not many people can guess where im actually from.
    So then the dilemma would be how should i introduce myself ? should i tell the where i’m really from ? should i introduce myself with my real namewhich is muslim superfamous name ? or should i take advantage of my non middle eastern accent and maybe in some sense non middle eastern also look and create fake background/name and once i get them attracted enough i slowly reveal true me … and trust me it does matter
    like the very last time I just joined a cute girl on table while she was eating her sandwich and started talking to her. It went fine and she seemed interested as she even changed her plan slightly after the dinner and suggested we take a coffee at nearby starbucks which we did and the conversation went even better. no win all that time i didnt introduce myself she gave me her email address that i can use to contact her to ask for help with finding good accomodation as she was a local.

    few days later i sent her an email and since i hadnt introduced myself before, i decided to gamble and go with real me (name wise) … and then surprise surprise! as my full name of arabic origin appeared in her mailbox i didnt get any answer …i think she probably thought im an arab after that.
    So you see even when a white girl had a good time with you and have already met you (a little bit) the influence of name and origin is HUGE on the persons presumptions about you …

  6. نمیدونم چرا ما پسرای ایرانی ذاتا دنبال دخترای خارجی می گردیم
    علت داره
    معمولا تو خارج از ایران دخترا بخوان یه کم ناز کنن ،پسره گذاشته رفته
    در حالی که تو ایران ناز دخترا خیلی خواهان داره،من هر جا سرچ کردم هر ملیتی از دختر ایرانی ناراضی بودن،البته همه اینطور نیستن
    تو ایران خیلی خانواده دختر رو لوس و پر توقع بار میارن
    و دوست پسر هم همیشه باید مثل بابای مرحوم دختر خرج کنه و ساپورت مالی کنه و … تا یه سکس کوچیکی نصیبش بشه

    من فکر می کنم ظاهر خیلی مهمه،اگر چهره شما خیلی شبیه اسیایی ها هست باید رو خودتون کمی کار کنید

    همه دخترا از پسر خوشگل خوششون میاد،اولین فدم تغییر تیپ و ظاهر و دومین قدم ساختن بدن هست،بدنسازی برو و هیکل رو بساز

    در اخر به نظر من نیازی نیست اسم واقعی خودت رو بگی،یه اسمی که دوست داری انتخاب کن
    ملیت هم بگو جدم ایرانی بوده،والا چه لزومی هست هرجا میریم میخ ایران و پرشین رو فرو کنیم
    موفق باشی
    این اکانت فیس بوک منه،خواستی اددم کن

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