Laws of Attraction

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Picture this scenario: you meet a guy; he’s good looking, comes from a good family, is nice, well-rounded, gets nicer expressions from your mother than you do and even passes the braying interrogations of your older brother.

There is only one problem: you don’t feel it.

 Last week, in the most random of all moves, a very old friend of mine decided to ask me to marry him. Yes, marry him. As I was getting over the shock and figuring out a way to articulate the idea that he was just a friend, my family proceeded to sit me down for a terribly long lecture about “compatibility.” My sister for one, decided to break down the whole thing into interview questions to prove the point. Do you trust him?

Do you find him interesting?

Yes, yes, but not so interesting I’ll consider being with him.

boredPerhaps some time ago, I could have entertained the idea. I have known the guy forever. We get along well, talk about many things and are able to have relatively sane political discussions. For all I used to know, I could have tried to see how things could work out.

Except that at the same time this situation was brewing, I met someone else that turned my ideals upside down.

Instead of talking about normal things, we talked about everything; from the most trivial day-to-day rants to the most private, complicated problems- the type you don’t really want to discuss even with yourself.  Instead of understanding my ideas, he would speak them before I did.

70sBefore I knew it, every little thing he did became a charge in some very different type of energy that came to exist between us, both physical and emotional. I couldn’t even tell the difference after a while.

And that is the difference between attraction and everything else. Most of us have this idea that attraction= some sort of standardized ideals for how hot the guy must look. It isn’t.

It is when someone is just so right for you that categorizations such as compatibility, trust, comfort and physical tension all cease to exist except as one feeling that flames your blood with emotion and excitement each time he catches your eye.

diSo what happened in the end?

My family, friends, and my sister that usually understands me more than anyone don’t and might never understand all of this. They think it’s an “impractical” approach to love.

Meanwhile, things are now very awkward with my friend; I don’t think we will ever be as close as we once were, which is a painful loss, but if there is one thing I’ve learnt about love, it’s that honesty really is the best policy.

I couldn’t have lied to him or “tried to make it work.” What would you have done?





MONA مونا

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  1. Wait, so the question here is, are you now dating this guy that created this flame??? I hope so!!! (*Gee thanks for leaving us on a wire here lol)

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