Some Friends…


Maybe you’ve read this past post of mine on friendship–a.k.a methship. If not, let me sum it up:

I love my friends, like a meth head loves meth. But sometimes, some friends give me a really bad high. We’ve gone over toxic friends and boy-crazy attention whores; but ..

what about those friends that are so lovably ignorant of the ridiculous things they do?

They’re my friends, but sometimes they do sh!t and I’m like…


They can be narcissistic on Social networking sites; with Facebook status’ that make me want to turn the other way…


And not to mention, instagram pictures that have me like …


Was that picture really necessary?

And when they talk at length about inconsequential events like how the trip to Home Depot was to buy a new showerhead.

And somehow these stories always are told on Gchat… with the alerts just going ‘DING DING DING …’

These are my friends who I would rather give myself hundreds of papercuts, than make a trip to the bar with. Because the way they put the moves on guys, has me like…

These are my friends who have come to Girl’s Night , with make up and a dress on. While the rest of us are like..

And some of their outfit choices have left me…

They are also my friends who cannot keep non-PC comments to a whisper. At Starbucks, they’re comfortably loudly discussing “THAT MEXICAN GIRL OVER THERE”.

But in the end I love them. They are so clueless to what they do. and honestly, I have probably been every one of the things I’ve mentioned, to one person or another. They can be good friends when you need them, and overall…

They’re good people, but sometimes they make you want to pull out your hair.

Do you have friends like that?






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  1. okay okay I take the cake for being the least PC person


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