How is Technology Changing the Way We Have Sex?

Just a few years ago, 2008 – 2010, our technology capabilities were pretty limited. Google was still honing its craft, Facebook was relatively private… was Myspace extinct in 2008? It’s hard to imagine, but iPhones weren’t a common accessory yet. Our video capabilities were limited to having a fancy camera and um sorry, what’s SnapChat again?


Back then, dating apps like Tinder and online sites like OkCupid did not exist. (side note: did you know the founder of Zoosk – dating app – is Iranian… holla). The number of available and good dating apps is endless. In 2010, our rendezvous’ were coordinated through private messaging on Facebook or Myspace. Now we get private Facebook messaging on our phones, Twitter DM’s, g-chat… even Words With Friends has chat capabilities.

Basically, five years ago – it was a lot harder to have sex.

Technology’s only function is certainly not sex, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t allowed for a change in our sexual encounters. Sexting has never been easier. Don’t have time to call your girlfriends to gossip about your latest hook-up? It’s okay, take 30 seconds to write up a review of the guy on Lulu.

Sex sells and technology is selling it.


Google Glasses are coming out with a new application where you can watch yourself having sex from your partner’s eyes. Because… we’re too grown for an “old school” video camera. Obviously, we all need to know what our oh-face looks like. Since our oh-face is supposed to be as hot as Halle Berry’s?  The one moment in sex, where it’s only about you… you’re thinking about what you look like????

I love social media. I’m all for new applications and having fun with the capabilities that we have today. I think it is crucial for people to use them – this is what the future looks like and we better keep up. Plus I guess it’s almost reassuring (?) knowing that if I ever feel the need for a guaranteed-one night stand, I can go find one through Tinder. But who wants to have computer sex when you can have the real thing? No matter what your emotions are towards the other person, sex is pretty damn intimate, and why complicate that?

My philosophy: do what you gotta do to find it (i.e. love, sex, cupcakes…). But when you find it, do it right.

Are you buying Google Glasses today or do you prefer to lose the blindfold?






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