8 Signs Your Date Blows.

Before going out with a guy, it’s pretty difficult to label him as a “bad date”. Late to the date, bad breath, and obviously (for Persian girls) not owning a BMW – are tell-tale signs of an unacceptable date. But how can you spot the dating nightmares before you’re pretending your grandmother’s cousin’s daughter’s fish is dying and you have to bail out of dinner?


Let’s be honest.

You’re more likely to end up on a bad date than a great one.

Some bad dates are bearable, but here are 8 instances where you know right away, you just need to get the f#ck out:

(1). You find yourself ordering two vodkas straight up within the first 10 minutes of the date… and you down it like water.


(2). He asks you to be his girlfriend on the first date because he cannot afford to take you out on anymore dates to “get to know you.”


(3). The guy asks if you are comfortable coming back to his place and modeling booty shorts and high heels for him.

(4). He asks if you are good at giving head.


(5). You know that awkward moment where you think he’s joking and you laugh hysterically… but he’s not joking? Imagine having to sit through too many awkward moments.


(6). He tells you he wants to take you on a shopping spree… at WalMart.

(7). The next day, you suddenly realize how horrifying the date really was (thanks vodka!). Too bad for you, he didn’t feel the same way. You have a text from him about what a great time he had.


(8). When you try to end things before it’s too late, he proceeds to call you ten times begging for a second chance. Apparently, the one beer he had caused him to “not act like himself.”


Hard to believe, but yes – everything I just mentioned has happened to me, all on the same date. I guess bad dates are all part of the process.

There are no highs without lows and the same goes for guys.

When I encounter a bad date, it just helps me realize what I’m not looking for in a guy.  And if a guy just isn’t your type, it doesn’t make either of you a bad person.

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be.


How about you joonies? Can you top my bad date?





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