How Could You Be A Virgin If You’re From America?

Growing up, my favorite part about going to Iran was the boys (and family). Something about those skinny jeans, spiked hair, and small, round mid-section (result of too much polo/rice) that got me every time.

tipMy trips to Iran were spent with my cousins going dor-dor (Translation: driving around and picking up boys), finding secret locations – someone’s apartment or a dark coffee shop – to go on group dates. In true Iranian dating style, we never dated just one boy.

Serial dating was taken to a whole new level. My cousins and I would date at least two boys at once… don’t even get me started on how many girls the boys dated at once. But, I was still pretty innocent in the bedroom.


I was the virgin Amrikai girl

that Irooni boys texted hoping that I’d live up to my “American ways.”

I never really knew much about the reputation of American girls in Iran. I knew that was a virgin… but didn’t really understand why others would think otherwise. It only took a few incidents of a guy getting too handsy and frustrated when I realized that American girls are infamous in Iran…

infamous for partying and promiscuity.

I was regularly faced with the question, “how could you be a virgin if you’re from America?” 


And no one wore my virginity more proudly than my family. I was given constant praise, “Even though she grew up in America, she is a very good girl.

As if somehow my lack of sexual experience was something to be proud of … or just plain shocking.

When it came to dating, my cousins and I always found ways to be alone with boys in Iran. And those alone times weren’t spent sneaking off to the bedroom. We spent them playing Truth or Dare — where everyone always asked if I was still a virgin when I chose “Truth.”  

When it came to family, I probably had the highest number of khastegar’s that I was related to only because I was the girl that could offer a whole new life in America, but had still maintained my innocence.

If only everyone knew that I ended up losing my virginity in IRAN.

I love Iran.


I experienced a lot of firsts there: my first time kissing a boy, saying I love you, losing my virginity, trying Fessenjoon…






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  1. that was brilliant!

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