Top 5 Hottest Persian Rappers

It is time to rank these bad boys (and girl!).



Deep and brooding. Hi.



He’s made a lot of music. But we won’t let that distract us from what’s really important…that perfect scruff.



To be an Iranian female in the rap game, you have to be bad ass. Sogand is also stunning.


mehrad hidden
Mehrad Hidden

We could’ve included anyone from ZedBazi on this list, but this guy’s voice just makes us want to undress- very quickly.


behzad leito

Behzad Leito

Basically, his face is everything.

And those lips…

He may be younger than us, but age ain’t nothing but a number in this case.

another one for the road:

behzad leito 2

Disagree with our ranking? Let us know how you’d rate these hotties.


What’s New


  1. Mehrad is #1

  2. passionpersian says:

    Okay, we left off Hichkas?! He’s not conventional hot, but his voice is a baby makin’ voice!

  3. desperada57 says:

    Holy Moly! Niiiiiiice!

  4. A Persian person who lessons too much rap says:

    1yas 2hichkas 3erfan 4amin big a 5behzad leito

  5. mohammad says:

    best is mehrad hidden

  6. Oh
    come on
    leito doesnt even deserve the rwentith
    Bahram is the best iranian rapper ever
    its a fact
    and everyone knows it!!!!


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