8 Quotes From Our Favorite Persian Poets


ferdowsi ant quote

Source: Iranian Sociology

Ferdowsi: Persian Poet from Khorasan Iran, b. 920 C.E. 

P.S. Who didn’t memorize this poem when they were 8?

khayyam quote drink

Source: Etsy

Omar Khayyam: Persian Poet from Neishapour, Iran; 11th – 12th Century

saadi tomm quote

 Sa’adi: Medieval Persian Poet from Shiraz, Iran, 13th Century

rumi quote self

Source: Etsy

Rumi (or Molana): Vakhsh (now Tajikistan, previously Persia); 13th Century

hafiz quote

Source: Shiny Starr Light Tumblr

Hafez: Shiraz, Iran, 14th Century


Forough Farrokhzad: Tehran, Iran; 20th Century


Fereydoon Moshiri:Tehran, Iran; 20th Century


Sohrab Sepehri: Kashan, Iran; 20th Century

What else should we have added to the list? Tell us here.


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