Persian Food Gone Rogue

 We love our Fessenjoon (duh). Ghormeh Sabzi. Chelo kabob. Gheymeh. Kotlet… and this list really could go on forever.

Nothing beats Persian food.

Some people love a little creativity in their lives, and we support that.

Did someone order a Ghormeh Sabzi sushi role?

Or maybe the Ghormeh Sabzi pizza. Substitute a little polo with bread and cheese… and you get this:

Who knew Ghormeh Sabzi could be so versatile?

pizA little Fessenjoon pizza?

Source: My Jerusalem Kitchen (sorry).

Source: My Jerusalem Kitchen (sorry).

Personally, we think Americans really need to start adding KETCHUP to their pizzas… one day.


Persian pizza: check. Where’s the Ketchup?

This one might be a little blurry, but if the pizza fails you, at least you can have Chelo Kabob TACOS with a pinch of rice and a tortilla bread.

We have to wonder whether the stick of butter is still used for the rice. Could this be a healthier option?

persian And don’t worry, you have options. The Persian Taco Trio:

(1). Chicken with Yogurt Marinate (aka mast)

(2). Abgoosht Lamb Taco

(3). Vegetarian Kofta Kabob….

Our moms would probably not approve of the vegetarian option.


Source: Culinary Trends

Not down with the taco? Kabob Burgers.

Come to mama.


Who isn’t open to a little food experimentation?

We can’t help but feel a little thankful that a Fessenjoon hot dog doesn’t exist… yet. But gotta give props to the fusion persuasion.

Are you down for a Ghormeh Sabzi Sushi Roll? Let us know!




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  1. sarahisjaleeah says:

    It’s official: My mouth is watering. Sushi + Ghormeh Sabzi = My 2 favorite foods combined

  2. Hi! Love all the creativity on this page; wanted to introduce you to the “source” for the Ghormeh Sabzi sushi roll (and butter chicken roll on the left) for your top picture. The creative genius behind this is my beloved Arash, and he actually started a food blog called “Bread, Butter & Bacon” which is quite “epic meal-time” sque. Here is the link: . Thanks!

  3. nice sushi! yummyyyyy!


  1. […] Arash. We first discovered him through his killer concoction: Ghormeh Sabzi sushi. He’s the founder of Bread, Butter, and Bacon — and since we’re food obsessed, we […]

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