Iranian Cafes Also Found In… India?

You already know we’re obsessed with Persian food. (all food really). And obviously, the highest concentration of Iranian restaurants/cafes/hookah bars/etc. outside of Iran are in TEHRANGELES.

But what about the rest of the world?

We came across some “Irani cafes” located in Mumbai. Apparently a dying breed… :(

The rise of Persian immigrants to India in 18th and 19th century paved the way for these gems:

Britannia & Co.

Founded in 1923. Came from the bottom of the block, until it was one of the first to receive heritage status in the area.

You know it’s for real when Queen Elizabeth visits the cafe.

bomanPlus it’s as packed as our grandmother’s sofreh at lunchtime.

One table open! Quick!

Kyani & Co.

Founded in 1904. It may be an oldie, but apparently – it’s still a goodie.

Golden sponge cake? Fiery Ginger Biscuit? That’s okay.

It’s Persian if it’s baked in a “wood-fire oven.”

If you’re craving watermelons… you know where to go – Kyani & Co.


Of course we have to give a shout-out to…

Sassanian Boulangerie.

Named after the Sassanid Empire. Obviously. And established in 1913 – these cafes are probably older than you… and your parents.


The best part of this cafe: the writings on the wall. Photos of Iranian historical monuments decorate the walls.



Check out more Irani cafes in Mumbai by clicking here.

What are your favorite Iranian cafes OUTSIDE of Iran? Drop us a line!


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