Iconic Iranian Caricatures

Mohammad Ali Ziaei

Caricature artist.

No one is off limits – Iranian artists and politicians, and certainly people in the wild wild west.

Major shout-out to ReorientMag for bringing this genius to our attention.

Hilarity ensues.


Mohsen Namjoo.

Otherwise known as Iran’s “Bob Dylan,” he’s inspired by Blues, Rock, and Iranian folk music



The Queen of Pop.

Sorry Britney… Madonna?


Sadegh Hedayat.

Fearless writer — Iranian by heritage. Censored for life (and death).

Most(ish) known for The Blind Owl:

“I had no desire to touch her; the invisible beams that emanated from our bodies and mingled were sufficient for me. Isn’t this terrifying experience which seemed so familiar to met quite the same as the feelings of two lovers who feel that they have known each other before and that a mysterious relationship has previously existed between them? Was it possible that someone else could affect me?”


Qajar Dynasty.

Enough said.


Amir Abbas Hoveyda

Served as Iran’s Prime Minister from 1965 to 1977.

That flower looks like a …


Iranian Revolution of 1979.

Perk up people. Why so mad?

On to more internationally known peeps…



Also known as Pixar’s latest creation.

And because you know how much Persians love fashion…


Donatella Versace.

(Possible PSA against plastic surgery).

One more for the road…


President Rouhani

Check out more of Mohammad’s caricatures by clicking here.



Which one’s your favorite? 

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