I’m Not Crazy Because I’m Persian

I love everything about being Persian and I feel like everyone else should love it too. So you can imagine my surprise when other people react to my Persian-ness with Oh you’re Persian? I hear Persian girls are crazy.  


I usually meet those responses with a small laugh and a do you know any Persian girls? Either I want them to realize they know like one Persian girl or I’m shrugging it off.

Who gave the impression that Persian girls are crazy?

Persian girls aren’t crazy, we just hold people accountable for their actions.

I don’t know if it’s our upbringing (manners manners manners) or what – but when I look at my Persian friends (and myself), I feel like we all carry that no bullsh*t attitude pretty seriously.

And yes, I will admit that sometimes our response to bullsh*t is a few choice words (or slaps) directed at the wrong-doer. It’s for our own benefit really, our sanity – you need to know what/how we’re feeling.

Getting hurt already sucks, but when the other person doesn’t realize the significance of their actions – it’s frustrating.

rudeWhen it comes to relationships, I don’t actually believe that anything can be one person’s fault. (except maybe cheating… MAYBE). I just think that if a girl is getting “crazy,” it’s usually because it’s the guy/girl making her crazy. (this guy told me that – which proves this theory).

When I look at my past broken friendships or failed relationships, I don’t really know what happened. I know what I did wrong in some of those situations, but I don’t really know how the other person felt or what they wanted. And yes, when a person can’t be honest about their feelings or intentions – I guess you could say it makes me “crazy.” But if that’s crazy, then what’s normal? Not caring?


If you think I’m crazy based on my race, I’m going to think you’re crazy for being stupid.

I’m just not sure if I buy the whole it’s a Persian girl thing. 

Are you crazy because you’re Persian?







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  1. desperada57 says:

    I’m not Persian, but I’m the same way. I told my husband long ago that mind-reading isn’t my thing, so if he’s upset with me he’d better tell me flat out.

    “And yes, when a person can’t be honest about their feelings or intentions – I guess you could say it makes me “crazy.” But if that’s crazy, then what’s normal? Not caring?”

  2. Sohrab esfandiar says:

    Lol. Persians are definitely crazy, and I think this whole obsession with a “no bullshit attitude” and “holding people accountable” is a cover up for feeling insecure and acting defensive to hide it.

    The cure for feeling insecure isn’t to be defensive, or to be too needy/approval-seeking on the flip side. It’s to accept yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses no matter what, and live your life as your true self, vulnerably and courageously.

  3. I just want to start off by saying: all Persian bitties have a piece of crazy in them. This is not to say that other women of other cultures aren’t crazy, this post is limited to Iranian badasses only.

    Sure, we’re a bit crazy. Persian pride is a real thing, and it can manifest itself in being unwillingly stubborn, tendencies to be incredibly emotional and mildly irrational. But is that really a bad thing? In real life, we’re mostly passionate (which can be good or bad, read: “crazy”), justice-seeking, intelligent women.

    Our generation has grown up in a post-1979 revolution world, where we saw passion leading way to a new government (albeit still a shitty one), our justice-seeking stems from a continued effort to find a legitimate place on the world stage, free from Ayatollahs and nuke drama. And our intelligence… hello? We invented math. Fact check that, it’s true.

    Why is crazy a bad thing anyways? We’re really just super passionate. And hey, I’m proud of that! I’d much rather be labeled crazy than passive. Plus, my craziness only makes me interesting, keeps you on your toes and keeps shit in line.

    So yeah, I am crazy, but you’re welcome. Us Persians are all crazy. We come from this passionate, articulate culture. Once in a while, that passion is going to give way into craziness in the form of stubborn asshats and out-of-nowhere bitchslaps. But without these two, life would be so… vanilla. So add in the safron and call me crazy – I’m proud of it and other Persian girls should be too.

    – Nilo


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