Everything You Missed | The Weekly Roundup

Here’s what you missed this week:


How is the English language so impoverished that we do not have a word for the glory of rice brought nearly to a scorch at the bottom of a pot? … In Persian cuisine, it is tahdig and merits almost its own subgenre, with variations from potatoes to lettuce layered beneath rice in a heavy pan.

  • The Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad, Iran deserves some hype, and HuffPost agrees.
  • Moroccan Artist, Fatima Mazmouz, using her own pregnancy and art to break stereotypes about femininity. It ain’t all pretty all the time.
  • Yes, Iranians also know how to skateboard. On the Azadi Tower.
  • The clothing scene in Iran is transforming into a “hipper” style… and designers are making a splash all across social media.

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