National Persian Gulf Day

Happy National Persian Gulf Day!

The Persian Gulf – comes through the Strait of Hormoz and separates Iran from the Arabian peninsula – has been pretty controversial for decades. People aren’t always so cool with the name –  Arabian Gulf/the Gulf. 

But Persian Gulf is like a national holiday.

an Iranian national holiday… 

Khezr Beach, Hormoz Island/wikipedia

Khezr Beach, Hormoz Island/wikipedia

History agrees.

On maps printed before 1960, the body of water between Iran and the Arabian peninsula, was labeled as the Persian Gulf: 

Source: GeoGarage

Source: GeoGarage

Arab countries called it the Persian Gulf

until 1960:

A Saudi ARAMCO map from 1952 using the term "Persian Gulf"

A Saudi ARAMCO map from 1952 using the term “Persian Gulf”/wikipedia

The U.N. also recognizes that beautiful body of water as the Persian Gulf.

Hormoz Island, Iran

Hormoz Island, Iran

Do we really need to go on?

The point here is that…

the Persian Gulf really is a sight to be seen and appreciated.

Instead of dwelling on a name. 

Celebrating National Persian Gulf Day in Iran/Payvand

Celebrating National Persian Gulf Day in Iran/Payvand

We prefer to stick with history.

But until everyone gets on board with normalcy, we’ll celebrate by staring at photos all day long.

Sand Carpet, Hormoz Island/Panoramio

Sand Carpet, Hormoz Island/Panoramio

Should we stick to the Persian Gulf? Let us know!

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  1. perzhannnngoooolfff says:

    eezaa perrrrrzhannnn goooolfffff

  2. nadiaelde says:

    I personally refer to it as the Arabian Gulf, mostly because I write about the Arab countries around it, which I refer to as Arab Gulf countries. But I don’t really care either way what anyone calls it. We all know what’s being referred to either way, and think the “dispute” over the name is a way for some Arab Gulf governments to score some easy points by demonizing Iran (and vice versa).

  3. desperada57 says:

    I’ve always known it as the Persian Gulf.

  4. Vote for PERSIAN GULF now!


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